Krion® Lux worktops and countertops: putting the benefits to the test

Krion kitchen countertop


Lately, we've seen how construction requirements have changed - both in homes and public places. In the residential sector for example, our habits and the way we use our homes have completely changed.

We no longer see our worktops as just a utilitarian element. They form part of the design, with much more to offer than function. They add style to contract spaces, hotels and restaurants, as well as kitchens and bathrooms in the home.

An eco-friendly solution for contract spaces

The contract sector is one that comes with very specific and exacting requirements. You can't use any old material to design room schemes, counters and displays in spaces like clothing stores, hotels, supermarkets and airports.

mobiliario comercial de krion®

In terms of design, this solid surface can be thermoformed, and that means it can be fully adapted to your space and design. You can create a worktop or countertop from one single piece, resulting in a seamless aesthetic with invisible joins and no corners, so there's nowhere for the kind of dirt and debris to accumulate that make cleaning difficult. Sheets of solid surface can be joined using the non-toxic Krion® Lux adhesive, resulting in imperceptible joins. Krion® can be worked in the same way as wood, making it easy to install in any setting.

Krion® Lux for kitchen worktops

In many homes, the kitchen is the quintessential social hub. This is why our priorities have changed when it comes to choosing the right material for a worktop in this zone.

The worktop is a fundamental element of both residential and restaurant kitchens, and you should take a number of properties into account when making your choice. Certain properties - such as resistance and easy cleaning - are crucial here.

encimera de cocina Krion

Krion® Lux is a heat insulating material thanks to its low thermal conductivity, making it resistant to high or shifting temperatures. This gives it particularly appealing safety properties for a kitchen worktop. 

Krion® Lux also gives you the option to customise your kitchen worktop finishes. The options are endless: the material can be thermoformed and adapted to any space; it comes in a wide array of colours; you can customise the overhang and backsplash area; and even choose your finish.

encimera de cocina solid surface

Much more hygienic bathroom countertops

This is a popular choice for kitchens and contract projects, but it's also commonly used for bathroom countertops and washbasins, both in homes and public spaces like health centres, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, airports and shopping centres.

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Krion® Lux bathroom countertops with imperceptible joints give you the opportunity to design bathrooms with a much more fluid, uninterrupted aesthetic. Thanks to its zero porosity, the material prevents infectious agents from spreading on its surface and is more resistant to the levels of humidity found in bathrooms. It also makes it easier to clean, giving you a simple solution to keeping your bathroom completely sterile. Krion® Lux helps to maintain hygiene in a room where cleanliness is key. 

Resistance to continued use

In spaces like this, you need a hard-wearing material which is resistant against any blows, which will stay strong in the face of the kind of continued wear and tear high traffic areas entail. Krion® Lux has a high mineral composition that gives it the strength and durability these spaces need, meaning it will stay as good as new for longer.

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Because it's a non-porous material, bacteria won't have anywhere to settle - so it won't spread on the surface. It also makes cleaning an incredibly simple process: the dirt won't become ingrained which is a major advantage for food preparation areas. Similarly, Krion® Lux is resistant to chemical agents, so surfaces can be cleaned and disinfected without any discolouration or damage.

A commitment to boundless creativity

Krion® Lux's adaptive capacity makes it the ideal material to bring the most creative of designs to life. It has the potential to make every idea a reality, from the simplest of elements to countertops that truly break the mould, adding a distinctive edge to premises.

mobiliario comercial de superificie sólida

Yet another benefit of Krion® Lux is backlighting, giving you even more possibilities in terms of personalisation, design and creating room schemes in contract spaces. The translucent models achieve incredible lighting effects: a particularly original option for designing counters and display spaces that result in a memorable shopping experience.

Easy surface repair

If the material gets damaged it can be easily repaired in situ, without any inconvenience to your business or home.

Sustainable composition that looks out for the planet

What's more, in a world where environmental protection and sustainability are increasingly important, Krion® Lux is a 100% recyclable material. This means any products made in Krion® Lux can be reprocessed and reused in the production cycle at the end of their working life.