KRION Shell®:eco countertops for an eco-friendly bathroom



The bathroom is an area that requires the highest levels of hygiene and safety due to the proliferation of bacteria and other organisms that go hand in hand with its use, as well as humidity. In this regard, Krion Shell® is the perfect solution for creating hygienic, safe and sustainable bathrooms with the best technical properties and aesthetic qualities, without sacrificing design, in order to improve people's quality of life.

Its easy-to-clean and low maintenance qualities, high resistance to impacts and zero porosity make it possible to design hygienic and environmentally-friendly countertops that are suitable for any project.

Krion Shell® contains a minimum of 5% PET in its composition, contributing to more sustainable and more environmentally-friendly production. It will also help to enhance and personalise your bathroom to make it a special and sustainable place. 

Benefits of eco-friendly countertops

  • Maintaining properties with the addition of recycled material 

Stain and breakage resistant, safe, mineral-based and sustainable - these are just some of the properties that Krion Shell® products have to offer.  You can even adjust the product to the customer's needs, as some of the series can be cut and adapted to the space.  

  • For a water-saving and energy-saving production process

At Krion we have a sustainable conscience, adapting our product to the demands of today's market while maintaining the values associated with sustainability. We promote the circular economy and use recycled resources with low energy consumption. That is why we are constantly looking to improve our materials in order to be able to offer sustainable surfaces and countertops.

  • We are committed to long-term investment by reducing our environmental footprint

The material of these countertops is very resistant, so it can last for years without being replaced. It is a long-term investment that will undoubtedly benefit you in the future. Its durability helps reduce the environmental footprint by making it last for a longer period of time. 

Recommendations for the care and maintenance of eco-friendly countertops

  • Daily maintenance: the basis of good care

Krion Shell®'s eco-friendly countertops are easy to clean, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be cared for regularly to keep them in perfect condition for longer. 

To keep it as clean and intact as the first day, the surface should be cleaned immediately after staining to remove the stain more quickly. And, when it comes to easy stains or simple daily cleaning, using a microfibre cloth or wipe to clean the surface is all you need to do. 

  • Cleaning stains 

In the case of stains such as make-up or toothpaste, the steps are quite simple to leave the countertop sparkling clean. 

First, you need to remove any excess of the residues with paper and water or a cloth. Once you have removed the superficial dirt, dampen a microfibre cloth and use your usual bathroom cleaner to rub the stained surface, then rinse and dry with a clean cloth. Repeat if necessary 

  • Repairable

In case of damage, the surfaces of Krion Shell® eco-friendly countertops can be easily repaired with a specific repair kit, thus increasing the durability and therefore the sustainability of the product.

Krion Bath's eco-friendly countertops for sustainable bathrooms

One Series

The One series countertops with integrated washbasin stand out for their functionality and for having a very discreet perimeter trim, preventing splashing and facilitating everyday hygiene. Available in two finishes, the glossy finish gleams, while the matt finish brings warmth to the touch.

One countertops are also compatible with most units from the Wave, Smart or Nest series.

One Custom Series

A countertop that adapts to any space, even in tricky bathroom areas, because, thanks to the nature of Krion Shell®, it is possible to cut the pieces to size, offering the greatest adaptability. The countertop is available in single or double bowl formats, in both matt or glossy finish, and it can include an overflow in stainless steel or black.

This collection is complemented by various accessories such as a towel rack and mirror with lighting.

Krion™ Shell is the result of Krion's commitment to innovation and respect for the environment, creating healthy spaces, always following the latest design trends.

Spirit Series

This series features a countertop with a robust, minimalist style that is resistant to any lifestyle. Plus, SPIRIT is very versatile and can be combined with furniture from other series such as SMART, ONE, NER and NATURAL.  This countertop is also available in 61, 80, 100, 110, 120 and 150 cm formats. With a light thickness of only 15 millimetres, this countertop is the perfect choice for your bathroom with formats in white and gloss and matt finishes. 

Natural Series

If you're looking for textures and sensations, the NATURAL series is the one you need. With a stone-like feel, it has a thickness of 3 cm and 12 cm with the option of a continuous skirt or towel rail. 

The first Krion Shell ® countertop in a textured relief complements your bathroom with a more daring and bold style, maintaining all the characteristics of the product with a black or white finish. 


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