Ecocycle™: the ‘new life’ of Krion sheets which reduces waste production

Ecocycle™: the ‘new life’ of Krion sheets which reduces waste production


One of Krion’s goals is none other than the care and protection of the environment. From the company itself, in order to achieve this, every effort is focused on finding ways to make our products and production processes more sustainable, environmentally friendly and safer for society.

After the development of K·Life, the photocatalytic material that purifies the air, Krion carries on with its sustainability and development policy through Ecocycle™. This manufacturing process, a result of work done by the team of Research, Development, Innovation, Quality and Environment, considerably reduces waste production and the use of plastic materials.

Recycle to create

Ecocycle™ is a Krion system geared towards the production of the Solid Surface with up to 40% of recycled material. A new production process which consists of taking the surpluses of sheet manufacturing and turning them into new versions of Krion™. In this way, these surpluses are used for the manufacturing of chips that will shape the 46 sustainable colours of Krion™, therefore reducing the waste produced.

Certifications which ratify the ECO commitment

The ongoing research, along with the technological achievements carried out by the different departments from Krion, have enhanced the company image, finding itself at the forefront of innovation, sustainability and improvement of life quality. The Ecocycle™ manufacturing mechanism has led to the obtainment of the SCS Global Services certification. Specifically, at Krion we have four types of certifications: 6% minimum recycled content, 12% minimum recycled content and 40% minimum recycled content.

At Krion, thanks to the ongoing search for improvement, not only did we achieve in renewing the certification of some of our collections, but also, we extended the list of certified products by adding three more, namely: The Luce, Grigio and Amaro finishes from the Materia series; they offer at least 20% recycled material in their composition.

Sustainable products with a large number of possibilities

The same aesthetic possibilities, as well as the same features as the rest of the Solid Surface ranges which significantly reduce the production of resources by bringing them into the production line again. As well as that, they provide added value to each project by reducing the ecological footprint.

When reference is made to Krion™, we focus on a product, not only ecological by itself, but also committed to its production process. The energy consumption and emissions are reduced thanks to the natural casting, the process by which the material is obtained without any external temperature aid. As well as that, water use is reduced during the sheet processing and the emission of VOCs decreases thanks to a more precise and optimised reactivity, resulting in a product which is safer, more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

A long-lasting material over the years, which makes its regeneration possible, extending the life of the project and fighting against the culture of disposability.

The sustainable awareness is inside Krion’s DNA, and it has been so since its inception. This is the reason why at Krion, we are aware that each small change goes towards making a better future.