Enjoy an ecological bathroom with Krion Shell™ sustainable shower trays



Krion's commitment to ongoing research stems from its desire to observe the environment, listen to it and detect needs in order to develop products that improve people's quality of life and contribute to sustainability.

This is how Krion Shell™ was created, a revolution in bathroom equipment, manufactured with ECO Resin from recycled PET.

Its catalogue of sustainable shower trays is synonymous with hygiene and safety, with a modern, innovative look that leaves no one indifferent and the ability to create completely ecological and personalised bathrooms.

Eco-friendly shower trays

Flow Series

The Flow shower tray stands out for its homogeneous, simple, smooth design, in addition to its wide range of formats, which make it suitable for use in any space.

A sustainable, extra-flat and highly functional tray, which is resistant to impact, easy to clean, and has noise absorbing properties. Safe and without joins, it prevents the proliferation of bacteria in frequently used showers. 

It is available in two textures: Silk, smooth and with good anti-slip properties; Rock, with a slightly raised pattern on the surface, is ideal for frequently used facilities, as it has exceptional anti-slip properties.

Line Series

A fully customisable series available in five different colours, from classic white, to grey, graphite, beige and taupe.

The Line shower tray allows users to customise both its length (75 to 210 cm) and its width (70 to 100 cm). It also offers the possibility of fitting decorative panels on walls to maintain the visual continuity of the space.

Available in a single texture, Concreto, with a discreet raised pattern that prevents slipping. Perfect for use by children or people with reduced mobility, and in areas with many users.

Slope Series

An innovative, ultra-fine shower tray that can be installed on the floor or sunken below it, to make entering and leaving the shower easier. Made with recycled PET.

Its design, with sloping surfaces, allows the water to flow naturally without collecting in the shower. Its wide 90 mm drainage outlet ensures that water flows out freely. 

Available in five colours, white, graphite, grey, beige and taupe, and in two textures, Silk and Concreto, both with high anti-slip properties (Class III).

Krion Shell™ shower trays are the best choice to equip your bathroom in terms of safety and sustainability, confirming our commitment to improving people's quality of life and protecting the planet. 

Krion Shell™ products have been awarded SCS Global Service certification, guaranteeing that they contain at least 5% recycled plastic waste.