Introducing Krion Sustainable Unlimited Surfaces, Krion's most eco line



Today, humanity is facing a number of climate change related challenges: water shortages, extreme conditions, and flooding. 

At Krion promoting sustainable development is our philosophy, and we're committed to creating materials that protect the environment, such as our new generation solid surface. 

The natural mineral based material contains a low percentage of resins and offers excellent resistance.  One of its stand-out features is its malleability: it suits to any type of project thanks to its moulding capacity and design potential. The material is resistant to impacts, fire, and extreme temperatures, making it the perfect option for either interiors or exteriors. 

Another notable feature of the solid surface is its bacteriostatic nature: it prevents the proliferation of bacteria or fungi on its surface. It also has almost zero porosity, making it easier to clean.

As part of our current commitment to sustainability at Krion, we've developed a series of materials aimed at protecting the environment. We're constantly researching, exploring, and discovering new ways we can improve and make our innovations a reality: from product composition to our manufacturing processes. These innovations are all included under our Krion® Sustainable Unlimited Surfaces brand: 

  • Ecocycle Technology: Krion®'s commitment to recycle waste generated during solid surface production, promoting the circular economy. At Krion® we reuse all excess material to produce new designs: this was how the Terrazo, Materia, and Royal+ ranges were born, made with 43% recycled material. 
  • EAST Technology: from Krion® K LIFE we present a series of properties that can help to reduce environmental pollution, minimise the use of chemical products to facilitate cleaning and contribute to the non-proliferation of bacteria.

  • Fitwall®: Krion's new Fitwall® decorative panels, mainly composed of natural minerals, provide hardness and fire resistance, with a natural aesthetic and great realism. In their production process we have managed to replace a large amount of organic content, reducing it by up to 65% of the total content.

  • Krion Shell®: an engineered mineral composite made with Krion®, with a structure made up of minerals, eco-resin, and an outer coating. The new material uses PET plastic waste in its manufacture, with up to 5% of its total composition being reused material.

At Krion® we've succeeded in creating a durable, lightweight, and sustainable mineral composite; in line with our mission statement on sustainability and environmental protection.  

Our goal? To continue exploring sustainable paths.