CFA: The event for professionals about the creation of French commercial atmospheres


On the 6th and 7th of June, an interesting event was held for the creation of commercial premises sector, with professionals from the CFA (Chambres Français d´Agencement) association in France.

Professionals were able to get first-hand knowledge about everything regarding what PORCELANOSA Grupo is comprised of in this sector, with solutions for professionals that allow for successful architectural and design projects to be carried out.  

The first day started with an interesting visit to PORCELANOSA Grupo’s headquarters and showrooms. After that, the CFA Meeting was held, where the latest news and developments about the association and the market were addressed. Also, annual figures were presented, along with suggestions and ideas about how to deal with the next tax year.  

It was on Friday when professionals were able to make the most of their day, by getting to know, at first-hand, the possibilities that KrionTM offers in the public premises building sector. As well as that, they got some first-hand knowledge about the endless possibilities which the material offers, and the opening of new markets where, no investments in their businesses is necessary, since it works in a similar way to wood.

Professionals first became interested in KrionTM K-Life because of its photocatalytic benefits, which eliminates pollution in the atmosphere, resulting in people’s quality of life being greatly improved without the inherent properties of KrionTM being changed in any way, though.

With training given both in theory and practice, those in attendance were able to confirm the endless creative possibilities that the material has, as well as the benefits, namely: durability and easy repair. As well as that, and in most cases, with the tools that the joiners use, this makes it easier for professionals to begin working with the solid surface. 

After the productive training, the group visited the Gamadecor showroom, where they saw the solutions applied to Krion up close, and the possibilities of a complementary material.

After two full days of training where knowledge and experience were both shared among the group, those attending highlighted two key principles which make Krion the leading material for improving their businesses:  

  1.        Financially speaking, using the equipment in a standard studio  to work with KrionTM, minimises risks and makes driving a new business forward that much easier.  
  1.        KrionTM offers durability, repair and design versatility benefits that are much better than other materials which are geared towards this type of sector. This wide range of possibilities makes it possible for professionals to give their projects added value which makes all the difference to their clients.
  1.        The company, PORCELANOSA Grupo, runs the Affinity Programme, which goes hand in hand with professionals and their projects; they receive support, advice and financial benefits.  

 In conclusion, the CFA event was a great opportunity for analysing the sector in depth where KrionTM has already come such a long way in Spain in comparison to France where, there is still an awful lot to do. The idea is to enhance the international joint efforts and learn from the specific needs that professionals have in each country. We hope to continue working and strengthening the way we do business with no restrictions or limits regarding what we can achieve.