KRION® and Cloisall, quality and excellence, a perfect combination at “Abu Dhabi Mall Food Court”


The important contracting company, Cloisall Co. (L.L.C.), specialised in interior design and turnkey projects, are the distributors of the compact mineral from PORCELANOSA Group, KRION®, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In this project in Abu Dhabi, they have also been in charge of transforming KRION®, and have overcome the complexities of this spectacular work.

Abu Dhabi Mall Food Court is a shopping centre which is home to the best commercial brands and the main restaurant franchises. It is in this sector that Cloisall has developed their project in which KRION® plays an active part. The curved, machined and backlit columns are made with KRION®, 1100 Snow White, our star colour, and an ideal colour for high transit areas such as this due to its easy cleaning, reparability, and being anti-bacterial without additives, among many other properties. We can also find KRION® from the Royal+ 9103 Bright Rock series in the shelves supported by metallic structures which surround the columns, the room separators which also work as a high table for stools, the backs of sofas, and the curved counters which separate the transit area from the restaurants and the dining area.






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