Krion® : Résistance aux chocs

Portada Krion


Here at Krion, we believe that to objectively assess the properties of our material, the optimal procedure is to compare it with other materials which are intended for the same use.

In this case, we assess the impact resistance by Krion® against other materials such as: marble, granite, technological quartz and wood.

In this video, we see how 1000 gram metal balls are used: regulations require a minimum of 325 grams. The balls are dropped from a two metre height: regulations require a 1.3 metre height.

The result clarifies that none of the studied conventional solid surfaces passed the test; they all failed miserably. The only piece which remained intact is Krion®, so the case study done with the same conditions in Krion®, marble, granite, technological quartz and wood shows that Krion® is the solid surface which has the greatest impact resistance.

In order to achieve that Krion® is as impact resistant as possible, the R&D department works on studies and improvements at the level of composition and manufacturing every single day. Thus, the maximum level is achieved in each of the intrinsic Krion® properties without compromising any of its other capabilities, like thermocurving.

The shock absorption ability without reaching the breaking point that Krion® has shown, makes it ideal for workspaces, furniture and high traffic contract atmospheres such as hotels, shops and restaurants.

This property, together with the easy repair of the Solid Surface, makes Krion® a highly durable material. Peace of mind for people looking for quality and aesthetic finishes.