Public Spaces & Government Buildings

The compact mineral KRION® is also especially suitable for the application and development of projects in public spaces which have a high influx of users. In addition to complying with the highest hygiene requirements for installation, its non-porosity, ease of cleaning and resistance make it the ideal material for continuous use in public spaces.

The new generation solid surface developed by Systempool allows government to be undertaken, providing the best of each of its properties and adapting to its surroundings to offer the maximum quality and guarantees, whatever the nature of the project. Its low thermal conductivity also allows KRION® Solid Surface to be used on surfaces and coverings, thus contributing to the energy efficiency of each room.

KRION® for the development of public and governmental projects

Discover this and many other properties of the compact material KRION®, which make it the ideal material for creating governmental buildings and projects in public spaces.