KRION PORCELANOSA Group renews its ISO 50001 certification


KRION's understanding of sustainability has helped it to implement an energy efficiency system which contributes to its commitment to the environment and sustainability. It has obtained ISO 50001 certification for another year, developing energy management which guarantees efficient and responsible use.

ISO 50001 certification is the standard for managing business energy. ISO 50001 certification of an Energy Management System helps companies implement an energy policy and properly manage the energy aspects derived from their business, such as services, installations and products, among others. This all translates into real and measurable savings in an organisation's energy costs.

At KRION, the activities that consumed the most energy were identified, with these constituting an "energy and financial leak". An action plan was implemented to correct them and minimise the energy consumption of installations and systems, thus maximising energy efficiency.

Actions such as modifying the exhibition area's lighting system, with the introduction of more efficient lamps and lighting motion sensors, has reduced energy consumption by nearly 35% compared to last year.

We have also made improvements to the compressor room with low power lights and mixing pump timers, achieving a 9% reduction compared to the previous figures.

All these improvements at KRION PORCELANOSA Group have resulted in an almost 18% reduction in overall consumption compared to 2019. But how do these improvements contribute to the environment?

With this advance in energy efficiency, KRION has decreased energy consumption by more than 220,000 kW, which is equivalent to nearly 73,000 kg of CO2. This has an undeniable positive effect in the fight against pollution and uncontrolled and inefficient energy consumption.

Renewal and improvement of the energy management system is combined with the certifications already obtained by KRION, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, which reflect efforts to improve products and respect and protect the environment. A sustainable mindset, environmental accountability and the desire to improve every day are part of its DNA.


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