PopAPP, the portable ice cream stall made with KRIONTM K-Life


The ongoing search for new technological Design ifi R&D dept. applications has resulted in PopAPP. A work space for selling ice cream that combines practicality and innovation because of the ingenuity of its creators and the KRIONTM mineral compact possibilities in their most sustainable version: K-Life.

PopAPP is an ice cream stall made with a KRIONTM structure which covers an area of just 5.14 m² in its extended version. Its small space makes the most of every last centimetre, thanks to the PanoramaTM technology that preserves the making of ice cream in a handmade and creative way. An independent water system and a 230 Volt electrical outlet make this project a unique option for making handmade ice cream available to the public. 

KRION K-LifeTM, 360º respect

The choice of KrionTM K-Life is derived from the versatile properties that this material has, which include: its easy maintenance and cleaning, its jointless thermocurvable surface and its durability and resistance. Features that are enhanced with the K-Life material with its bactericidal action and its capability of creating healthy spaces in an active way.

The advantages that the K-Life material and its KEAST technology provide in the restaurant sector are transferred to all the elements that are involved in it: respect for the environment, better quality of life for people and respectful components for the food. 

PopAPP, a space for people

According to the Design ifi R&D dept. professionals: "Passion, naturally, becomes a dialogue. This is how a professional interprets their work: involving those who test their product, building. A precious and continuous exchange".

Also, the project aims to make the art of ice cream more accessible to potential customers. Its small surface allows the space to be located in restaurants, shopping centres, squares or any public space. The diaphanous distribution shows the work of professionals, turning PopAPP into the epicentre of social life wherever it is located.

Innovative creations which look towards the care of the environment throughout the manufacturing  process and the useful life of the space.