Newly opened showroom spaces and the latest catalogue novelties

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As we already told you in this post, K•ONCENTRICO 360º is the new showroom concept that estudi{H}ac - JMFerrero has designed to give life to our recently opened showroom, where circularity is key. A place to enjoy an immersive experience where everything revolves around innovation and design, a place to be inspired and discover innovative materials without limits.

The path to travel every new space

The aim was to create a path that helps visitors understand and connect with the different products we offer, sweeping them away into the world of design and interior architecture. 

In this sense, the design of our new showroom aims to highlight all the qualities of the materials, creating a space where you can discover and explore a variety of our solutions in different environments and applications. 

The space imagined by José Manuel Ferrero is born from the elemental geometric figure of the circle, which, multiplied and superimposed, gives rise to a large central gallery that acts as the epicentre of the showroom, an enveloping experience where everything revolves around innovation and design. A centre that, as estudi{H}ac indicates, has a sustainable soul: "The focus on sustainability and recycling of materials also supports the idea of circularity."

The central core consists of a large lounge bar and a Classical agora-style seating area, which adds versatility and allows it to be used for a variety of events, providing a dynamic focal point within the showroom. The seated area is a place from which visitors can observe the various settings arranged in the circular space. 

The "Materiotecas" are strategically located close to the central area for easy access, constituting specially designed shelves for displaying and organising a wide variety of material samples. 

This is followed by a sequence of environments, allowing visitors to walk through different types of spaces and come into direct contact with our products in a fluid and continuous way, where they can touch them and experience them intuitively. These include:

  • The Bathrooms as an additional exhibition element, available for real use to show how materials are applied, integrating brand experience and product display in every corner of the exhibition. 

  • A Showcooking Kitchen designed to be a venue for live cooking demonstrations, culinary events and related interactive activities. 

  • The perimeter of the showroom is divided into environments of different types where visitors can observe the different ways of applying the various materials.

The rest of the exhibition areas, such as the Lobby Hotel and Suite areas, the Business room and Meetings areas, which provide inspiration for companies, the catering and Ho.Re.Ca areas with Kaffee and Real food, and the retail areas with Scents and Runway, show other sides of the infinite possibilities of our materials.

Discover our new products for 2024

Textures, sustainability, natural materials and craftsmanship - these are the trends that are leading the way in design for 2024. Indeed, they are the cornerstones of everything new you can discover in our catalogue. 

We explore new solutions to make your projects unique. Always searching for sustainable spaces with nuances and colours that value the rational. Conducting research into how to reinforce the sustainable composition of our materials, respecting the character of each of them and the trends of the moment.

We seek differentiation and effectiveness in each idea. We develop materials that are multi-purpose, decisive, durable and highly adaptable. 

Recycled Content Krion® K·Life 1100, environmental friendly.

At Krion, we regard sustainability as a rational and innovative process. This means we design our materials to maximise their durability and use as little resources and energy as possible.

This is why our most popular Krion® model, K-Life 1100, evolves with a minimum content of 5% recycled material from post-consumer waste. In this way, we maintain the same properties and, in addition, plan to use more than 350,000 kilos of recycled raw materials this year. 

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Alluslate® Timber Walnut and Oak to add warmth to your projects 

Following the decorative trend of natural materials, we have created the new Alluslate® Timber Walnut and Oak models with a light texture that gives them a matte finish. Large-format, curvable cladding with designs that reproduce the grain of the wood in different shades. Patterns that bring warmth and realism to a space.

Alluslate® Timber Oak matte

Colour in our shower enclosures

Colour opens up in a bathroom. Today we find both classic designs and bolder choices. That's why we want to provide more options with our new finishes for shower enclosures. From gold, capable of embellishment inspired by the precious metal, to titanium, with an industrial and contemporary look. Innovative profiles that will become the central elements of your bathroom.

S+Line and Java, a finish for every space

S+Line screen in white

The functionality and resistance of the S+Line and Java 1 shower enclosures are combined with contemporary design.

With the new titanium, white, gold and copper finishes, which join the chrome and black, bathrooms will be transformed into totally personal and contemporary spaces.

Java shower enclosure in copper finish

S+Line shower enclosure in gold finish

S+Line shower enclosure in titanium finish


Yove Black, a finish for every space

Our Yove shower enclosure is dyed black. In addition to the high gloss finish, there is the novelty of black profiles for all models.

Minimalist in spirit, the restrained design of its fittings and profiles offers a larger glazed surface, thus creating a greater feeling of spaciousness in the room.

Enclosed in an anodised aluminium profile, this shower enclosure provides lightness and airiness with 6 mm tempered safety glass with System Glass treatment, which prevents the appearance of limescale or soap marks, making it easy to clean. 

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