Guide to choosing the best mineral-filled shower tray

The best mineral-filled shower tray


In a market saturated with options for bathroom renovation and design, mineral-filled and resin-modified shower trays stand out for their unique combination of aesthetics and functionality.

This guide provides the essential criteria for selecting the best mineral-filled shower trays, ensuring an informed choice that enhances the comfort and design of what is a very personal space.

Features and advantages in a mineral-filled shower tray

Atrium shower tray

Composition and materials

Its composition offers unparalleled strength and refined aesthetics. 

Krion Shell® represents a significant step forward in bathroom material technology. This Engineered Mineral Composite, developed in-house by Krion, combines minerals and an Eco Resin with recycled PET, creating a solid and homogeneous structure. 

This moulding process, known as Surface In-Mold Connection, not only ensures exceptional strength and high definition textures, but also incorporates a commitment to sustainability by including a minimum of 5% recycled plastic waste in its composition, receiving SCS certification. 

Choosing a Krion Shell® shower tray is a step towards a modern, safe and eco-conscious bathroom.

Flow shower tray

Design and aesthetics

The versatility of mineral and modified resin shower trays allows for a wide range of finishes and colours. From classic white to bolder shades such as graphite or beige, these plates suit any style of bathroom.

Design also plays a crucial role, with options ranging from smooth, minimalist textures to more robust, textured finishes, such as those offered by the Krion Shell® line. 

Line Shower tray

Easy maintenance

Its non-porous surface facilitates cleaning and reduces the need for aggressive chemicals.

In addition, its stain resistance ensures that the plate maintains its new look with minimal maintenance.

Non-slip properties

Safety is paramount in any wet space such as the bathroom. That's why the best mineral-filled shower trays offer non-slip surfaces that guarantee safety for the whole family.

Texture and customisation

One of the great advantages of mineral-filled shower trays is their potential for customisation.

The range of textures available allows you to create a unique space, while the ability to cut the material to size opens up a range of design options to suit any space.

Slope shower tray

The best mineral-filled shower trays made of Krion Shell®

Krion Shell® is at the forefront of mineral-filled shower trays, offering solutions that combine innovation, safety and design.

With a composition that integrates recycled materials, it provides a sustainable option without compromising on quality or style. Its LINE, FLOW, SLOPE and ATRIUM models represent the best in terms of design, functionality and environmental commitment.

Line mineral-filled shower tray

It can be adjusted in length (from 75 cm to 210 cm) and width (from 70 cm to 100 cm), adapting to any space. It includes decorative panels for the walls, maintaining visual continuity, and is available in five different colours - white, grey, graphite, beige and taupe - which are very much in vogue at the moment.

Flow mineral-filled shower tray

Extra-flat shower tray made with Krion Shell® technology for superior resistance. 

Its new Rock texture is designed to prevent slipping while maintaining a homogeneous, simple and smooth design across the entire surface. The collection comes in a wide range of standard formats with the Silk and Rock textures, both in white.

Slope mineral-filled shower tray

An innovative design with a 90 mm-wide drain for efficient water drainage allow the water to flow naturally, avoiding stagnation thanks to its inclined planes.

Its ultra-thin thickness of 3 cm facilitates surface or recessed installation, accessible without difficulty.

Available in two textures and in five different colours, adapting to any design preference.

Atrium mineral-filled shower tray

The new Atrium framed shower tray immerses us in a shower experience without overflows. 

Its perimeter rim acts as a step that ensures the necessary margin so that the water does not overflow.

Its texture provides non-slip safety thanks to its class 3 classification. With an elegant design, this built-in shower tray is available in nine formats. Plus, it comes with a host of customisation options, transforming it into a tailor-made shower tray that can be adapted to any space.

Ultimately, selecting the best shower tray requires a clear understanding of the features, benefits and essential aspects that each product offers. 

Considering the material composition, as in the case of Krion Shell®, ensures a long-lasting and sustainable investment. Aesthetics, adaptability and anti-slip properties are crucial aspects that should not be overlooked. 

You are not only investing in a high-quality product with exceptional design, but also in a sustainable and durable solution for your bathroom.