5 modern bathrooms designed with Krion® Solid and Krion Shell®

krion solid surface bathroom design


PORCELANOSA Group's Krion bathroom range is about more than maximum resistance and hygiene. Another of its hallmarks is the ultra-modern edge it lends to the most contemporary of bathrooms. Krion® Solid and Krion Shell® have been designed to offer unmatched technical qualities, ranging from almost zero porosity (ideal for spaces like bathrooms where water is in almost constant use); to its bacteriostatic capacity, also vital in this setting.

Using materials like Krion® Solid and Krion Shell® in the bathroom has long been at the forefront of the most renowned architects and interior designers' minds. But the brand's products stand out for more than being ideally suited to the bathroom. They have a remarkable ability to turn anywhere into a unique, elegant and modern space.

1.Mirma House, a window to the sea

This Dénia home represents the perfect union of minimalist architecture and curved lines. The bathroom stands out in particular: a clean and expansive space where the large windows allow for unrivalled views.

This is a home designed for sea lovers. You could spend hours looking out to sea as you take a relaxing bubble bath in the comfortable and versatile Krion® Solid Slim bath.

krion bathroom design

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Architect:Carles Faus Arquitectura

Interior design: Pepe Cabrera

Photo:Adrián Mora Maroto

2.Vivienda Mikado, bathrooms au naturel

If you think you've seen it all when it comes to the total white trend, think again. Take a look at this bathroom in 'Mikado', a residence in Valencia. The total white aesthetic combines to perfection with this modern and unique environment. The modern, pure white look is interrupted only by the most Zen of accents: the washbasin unit and bathroom lighting.


krion solid surface bathroom design

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Architect:Binomio Arquitectura.

Photo:Lorenzo Franzi.


3. Enjoy the dolce vita in Rome

The classic and state-of-the-art go hand-in-hand in the bathrooms of this Rome property where there's no lack of space and openness. This sense of grandeur is more than reminiscent of the Roman thermal baths of old, but here, the Krion® Solid Basic washbasins give the scheme a decidedly modern edge.

The pure white elements enhance the space, which opens up to the outdoors with a vast picture window close to the whirlpool bath. These bathrooms are a true homage to the spa.

krion bathroom design

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Photo:Antonio Stratella  

4. Relax in the Mediterranean

If you thought that was it terms of baths with a view, you were wrong. In this minimalist home, the Modul bath again evokes the light and tranquillity of the Mediterranean.

The minimalist bath blends to perfection with the natural-look flooring, walls and washbasins, reminding us of the world waiting to be discovered beyond the confines of the bathroom. Rather than the purest white of classic minimalism, the tone is limited to accents here - the washbasin countertop and bath, for example.

krion solid surface bathroom design

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ArchitectPollença Properties.

Photo:Gori Salvá.

5. Harmony in Carlet 

This bathroom in Carlet exudes pure harmony and balance. Pure and balanced lines and forms reign supreme, with elements such as the Krion® Solid Kole wall-mounted washbasin lending a sense of visual clarity to the space.

The sense of continuity between the wood-toned wall and floor tiles is interrupted solely by the bathroom furnishings, in a dazzling white. A harmonious design centred on symmetry and geometric forms.

krion bathroom design

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ArchitectVIC Projects

Photo:Adrián Mora Maroto.


Giving your bathroom personality is one of the fundamental elements of successful interior design, to such an extent that leaving your own mark on your space can sometimes be the key to enjoying that place you call home to the fullest.