Kitchen worktop colours to inspire you

Kitchen Workto Colours Ideas


Kitchen worktop colours to inspire you

The colours of kitchen worktops can have a big impact on both the aesthetics and functionality of this space. 

With kitchen designers striving to be ever more innovative in their designs, choosing the right shade for your worktop can be the key to making your project truly unique and personalised.  

Coloured worktops: a versatile option to transform your kitchen

Coloured worktops are an excellent choice for those who are looking for a more vibrant look for their kitchen space.

Vibrant colours inject life and personality into the kitchen. With its range of coloured kitchen worktops, Krion® offers the ideal way to achieve this effect.

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Which kitchen worktop colour to choose?

The choice of colour for your kitchen worktop depends very much on your own style, but it also has to match harmoniously or create contrast in order to vibrate with the other elements.


In any case, the ideas we offer below will help guide you in shaping what you want to achieve:

1. Kitchen style

The style of your kitchen dictates the best choice of colour for your worktop. However, as we have just mentioned, another alternative is to "break with everything".

For example, rustic kitchens tend to work best with warm, natural colours, such as Krion® Coffee Cream. On the other hand, modern kitchens tend to favour bolder, more dramatic colours, such as Krion Lux Grafite Classic.

2. Kitchen size

The size of your kitchen will also influence the choice of colour of your worktop. Smaller kitchens benefit from lighter colours, which promote a feeling of spaciousness, while larger kitchens have more freedom in this respect. 

3. Lighting

It is essential to plan the lighting in the kitchen well to avoid shadows in important areas.

Lighter colours reflect light and make the kitchen appear brighter, while darker tones give a more luxurious look.

4. Maintenance

Some colours highlight stains and scratches more than others.
Krion® worktops solve this problem as they are both durable and easy to clean. Plus, in the event of damage, they are repairable. 

Exploring on-trend worktop colours 

What are the worktop colours of the moment? Take a look and you'll see that neutral tones are gaining ground this year. 


Kitchen Gamadecor 

White kitchen worktops: spaciousness and brightness

White has always been synonymous with cleanliness and brightness, two essential qualities in any kitchen.

In particular, white kitchen worktops made from Krion® stand out for their purity and neutrality, offering a finish that no other

solid surface can match. 

Worktop Krion® Luz L109 White Cloud 

Kitchen Worktop  Gamadecor

Beige kitchen worktops that enhance warmth

Beige kitchen worktops are ideal for those who are looking for a cosy and warm atmosphere in their kitchen.

This soft and delicate colour, combined with the natural stone-like texture, provides a sleek and contemporary aesthetic.


Grey: one of the most popular colours for kitchen worktops today

Grey is currently one of the most popular and sought-after kitchen worktop colours. Its timeless and elegant tone is capable of adding an exquisite air to your space

Its neutrality also allows the worktop to integrate perfectly into any kitchen design, adding a modern and sophisticated touch.

Grey Nature Iron


Krion 0504 Marfil Nature


Other worktop colours that will complement your kitchen

As for tastes, colours... For kitchens, worktops. 

Black kitchen worktop: elegance on another level

The Krion Lux Grafite Classic worktop is a bold and elegant choice that takes sophistication in the kitchen to another level. A black worktop adds unrivalled luxury and modernity to any space.

Graffiti Classico Iron  

The Krion Solid wood effect worktop for a rustic touch

Krion® Coffee Cream recreates the beauty and warmth of natural wood, giving a rustic and cosy feel to the kitchen. This worktop stands out for its traditional design, without losing all the advantages of a modern solid surface.

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A modern day classic. Marble worktop with Krion Solid: pure elegance

The Krion Lux Bianco Cloud worktop recreates the beauty and elegance of marble, making it the most appropriate choice for a classic and timeless kitchen. 


Whatever your design preferences, Krion® has a solution to suit your needs.

The choice of worktop colour can have a big impact on the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen. So can these ideas for updating your kitchen.