AD HOC service: bespoke surfaces for custom-made interior design projects.

Colours Krion


Nowadays, a brand name is much more than a product or a service which can be sold. The character that it projects; its way of reaching people and its visual effect, can be aspects which are far more important than the business side of things when people make their final decision.

Big brand names, retail chains, hotels and restaurants know this, therefore, they bank on taking care of each and every detail more and more, which their companies are involved in every day. And this is where the manufacturing, along with interior designers and architects’ work comes in.

Investigating, knowing and covering client needs are key to creating atmospheres according to what a brand name wants to transmit. Beyond the technical knowledge in terms of distribution and design, each project has an aesthetic and functional objective. It is a professional's job to achieve it.

With the aim of offering effective solutions in contract, architecture and design, we launch AD HOC: a service which enhances creativity for professionals; allowing custom-made colours for large projects to be developed.

A key service for carrying out highly custom-made and unique designs which radiate the personality of the brand at an aesthetic and sensory level. With AD HOC, designers and architects obtain individual solutions which go beyond the wide colour ranges that KrionTM has. These were completed this year with the Must-Have 2019 Colours.

Customisation raised to the highest expression

With AD HOC, professionals get a powerful tool to achieve exactly what clients need. Recreating spaces with colours according to a certain brand name, working with the colour psychology or designing an atmosphere with an exclusive style.

Therefore, the possibilities of creating by KrionTM increase to an almost infinite level. Together with the thermoforming and backlit properties, this solid surface is put at the service of design, making this material capable of achieving creations which accurately recreate the specifications of the project.

Support and continuous advice for professionals

Our main objective is to provide solutions for professionals. With this aim in mind, AD HOC has been created, as well as many other advisory services for designers, interior designers and architects. An example of this is A&D, from where our professionals put all their knowledge at the service of the Krion partners.