Krion™: the TRENDS COLORS design made for experimenting with


Creativity is the ability to solve problems in an effective, distinctive and valuable way, through new perspectives that improve and promote human wellness. Exploring, investigating, imagining, interpreting and transforming without limits are the five different foundations that bring the creative process together. This has led us to creating colours which reinterpret and overcome the possibilities of functional design.

The TRENDS COLORS design 2019 from the KrionTM solid surface has been created to make real endless shapes and designs happen, revolutionising aesthetic without altering any of the technical features of the material, namely: thermoforming, easy repair, safety, bacteriostatic character; or its high resistance to: fire, knocks, direct sunlight and extreme temperature changes.

We experiment, we merge, and we mix: textures, finishes and tones. We apply an infinite combinatory formula so that the material expresses itself, reflecting the functionality that daily demands require. The result of this work is summed up in four new colour ranges or moodboards.

If we know how to listen to them, these moodboards tell us stories. Colour is one of the most influential languages for people. According to the Pantone Institute Executive Director, Leatrice Eiseman: "Colour is a lens through which we experience our natural or digital realities." Studying its effects makes the efficiency of projects easier, improving people’s wellness in their relationship with the environment.

Here at KrionTM, we provide tones with new nuances and new points of view. Once the colours are selected, the exciting moment arrives to create projects on them: changing, reviving or improving trends; adapting them to each application and particular objective.

6402 Pillow Pink | Colors Series



With modern, calm and sensual elegance; we have the Pillow Pink tone. The more powdered version of pink with a coral background which conveys sophistication when combined with gold and copper finishes.

The retail spaces which bank on conveying a carefully-worked style which focuses on precise details, will find the best combination option in this colour. A versatile colour, which when combined with black, breaks with its innocence and becomes not only solid and decisive, but also strong.   

6705 Teal Blue | Serie Colors +


The deep seas have their most innovative version in the Teal Blue. A modern blue which reproduces a balanced life in peace when combined with pure neutral tones, such as: white, grey and pale blue. We are dealing with the perfect combination for healthcare spaces where both hygiene and the patient’s safety are an absolute must.

As well as that, wood turns the Teal Blue into a serene and determined colour. The special touch for hotels which become an “oasis of peace and quiet” for users.

Nevertheless, the fun part must never be ignored. Boldness and unexpected touches which provide colour with character which is absolutely different from the one shown a priori. Surprising colours, such as pale lime with dark sub-tones turn the colour of the ocean into a cheerful tone which can make an unimportant part of a commercial space become a lively and interesting place.

6602 SAGE | Colors +



The green colour with a nude background comes with complete naturalness, and it will appear in the coming seasons. When combined with rustic elements like wood, rope and earth tones; it turns it into a relaxing colour which encourages rest. It is perfect for hotels which are located in natural environments or spaces where guests just want to get away from it all. 

The Sage colour is able to convey sustainability in commercial businesses which are focused on nature by following the environmentally friendly eco trend. The distinctive touch is achieved because of the combination between green and the white marble finish.

AD HOC colours | Express yourself with no boundaries



KrionTM presents the AD HOC Colours, a bespoke innovative service where our designers create colours which go perfectly well with large projects. The same unique finishes which truly represent the character of a brand.

The first of the creations is Coral, which is based on the colour of the year chosen by Pantone: living coral. Here at KrionTM, we strengthen this trend by making the colour darker on a terracotta base which is inspired by the nature of natural clay or autumn leaves. A retro contribution to an atmosphere which continues being modern when combined with aquamarine tones and metal in gold and copper. 

Boldness: mix&match colours with no boundaries

For all those who push the boundaries, here is mix&match. KrionTM is a full-body material which thanks to its high-performance adhesive, allows for colour combinations to be created on surfaces without joints or on monochromatic surfaces, ensuring chemical and physical continuity in the invisible bonds.

“As consumers continue to embrace colour, designers are recognizing the need to show more colour in their collections”.Leatrice Eiseman

We give support to architects, interior designers and designers during the whole process through the A&D team: a technical support and advice service where we work side by side with professionals in order to make each project come to life.