Krion Shell®: a safe, revolutionary material in bathroom design


At Krion Porcelanosa Group it's our mission to design products that meet the health, safety and resistance demands of today's market.

Krion Shell®, used in the manufacture of our washbasins, shower trays and bathroom countertops, represents an absolute revolution in bathroom design. The engineered mineral composite is made up of two parts: a structural body, with 3⁄4 mineral composition (dolomites) joined to 1⁄4 recycled PET derived bio-resin; and a solid, uniform compound layer, also mineral (ATH) and resin based.

The material is highly sustainable. As well as having 5% recycled plastic waste composition (as verified by the independent American body SCS Global Service) it is also safe, high quality and resistant. We see sustainability as a rational system through which we can minimise our consumption of resources, reducing energy consumption and choosing recycled resources, thereby offering the market long-lasting, repairable and high quality products. 


380 PET bottles are recycled in the manufacture of our Slope ultra flat shower tray. Because it's ultra-thin, it can be installed on the surface or built in, with a design enabling even those with reduced mobility to get in and out of the shower easily, and any screen can be fitted at its edge.

Resistant and repairable

Its long lifespan and resistance against continuous use are defining characteristics of Krion Shell®. It can withstand high traffic in hotel rooms or any family's daily use.

  • Impact resistance. Thanks to our Surface In-Mold Connection technology, used to interconnect the layers, the material is extraordinarily robust against impacts and continuous use. It's also incredibly resistant to blows from everyday objects in the bathroom such as shower heads, hair dryers and bottles, etc.
  • Stain resistance. Because the material is non-porous, stains won't penetrate or fix on the surface, even those that have been left for a long time, meaning no marks, and easy cleaning.
  • Highly resistant to chemical impacts. It has passed the UNE EN 14527 standard test, validating it for use with chemical substances as indicated in international cleaning and hygiene standards.
  • Repairable. In the unlikely event of damage to the surface, its appearance can easily be restored with a repair kit, unlike other irreparable materials. This not only prolongs the product's lifespan, but by restoring the material it reduces the environmental impact of disposing of it, making the product even more sustainable.

Shower trays made with KRION Shell® have noise-absorbing properties, so when drops hit the surface of the shower tray the level of noise is minimal, meaning your can create relaxing, tranquil environments. Perfect for hotel projects. 

A revolutionary and distinctive material for designing spaces

Previously, customers had to adapt to products: now, products must adapt to customers.

Washbasins, shower trays and bathroom countertops made in Krion Shell® differ from traditional materials because of how they can be used to customise spaces. They're all available in various colours - taupe, white, graphite, grey and beige; textures - silk, rock and concrete; and glossy and matte finishes. Some of our shower tray and countertop models can be custom fit, as the nature of the material means it can be cut to adapt products to different spaces.

Thanks to the production methods we use, we can manufacture designs that would be unattainable in other materials, with ultra precise radiuses as thin as 2 mm. In some models we can achieve tolerance of up to 3 mm, as well as high planarity, offering a clean, pure aesthetic with visual continuity.

Krion Shell® has passed tests carried out in line with UNE-EN 14527 and UNE-EN 14688, in which the product is subjected to 1000 cycles of temperature intervals from 15oC to 70oC. This test demonstrates how resistant it is to erosion and surface degradation, colour variation, and thermal shock cracks when exposed to changing temperatures, unlike other materials such as gel coat.

The Flow decorative panel is ideal for renovations where a bathtub is replaced with a shower tray, creating both visual continuity and improved hygiene between the shower tray and the wall tiles.

A hygienic and safe material

Because they're so humid, bathrooms are particularly susceptible to bacteria. Krion Shell®'s non-porous coating prevents bacteria from spreading on the surface, creating spaces that are safer for all.

Certifications such as GreenguardREACH and others, prove that Krion Shell® is a hygienic and safe material for people, does not emit VOCs, and contains no harmful substances in its composition.

In terms of eco-toxicity, the material is harmless to living organisms. We've conducted external tests at the renowned Valencian Institute for Microbiology (IVAMI) to verify that Krion Shell®, and the by-products deriving from it, are environmentally inert.

ONE CUSTOM is the first countertop to be fully adapted to the customer. It can be cut to fit any space, even in awkward areas with pillars or walls at different angles.

KRION Shell®. The revolution of small changes