‘I clean air’, the slogan for the new product by EcoBin with K·LIFE character



The Russian company, EcoBin, has created a catalogue with an extensive range of wastepaper bins which come in many different shapes and finishes with Krion® K·LIFE 1100, the star product from Krion PORCELANOSA Grupo, from which all the beneficial material features are made the most of.

Under the ‘I clean air’ slogan, a series of suitable products have been developed. Firstly, for waste disposal, and secondly, contribute to improving air quality. As well as that, it has all the KRIONTM features, which ultimately makes it the perfect match for the outdoors because of its incredible resistance against wear and tear over time, together with its easy cleaning and low maintenance.

The product banks on three series which show three different styles: The Simple Series which comes with straight and rounded lines that counts on simplicity; The Antique Series, which as its name depicts, is inspired by ancient Greek architecture; finally we have the Embrace Series, which finds its inspiration in nature, with shapes that make it easily recognisable.

The combination with the mineral compact from the PORCELANOSA Grupo is, quite simply, out of this world. Two products which together, are geared towards maintaining a clean planet, thanks to design and technology which have both counted on the vision of Mikhail Belyaev, who is considered as being one the very best among Russian designers. This, and more, are reflected in the wastepaper bins which have K·LIFE at their core.

The products which are now in the production stage in KARAT, the Russian company: https://karatspb.ru/; will bank on every single one of the environmental certificates, which certify them as being eco-friendly. Manufactured in pure white and jet-black in matt, satin and gloss finishes; they are now available through the manufacturer’s website: www.ecobin.tech. A leap into the future, hand-in-hand with the Krion PORCELANOSA Grupo product guarantee.