Discover furniture made with Krion™ Solid Surface


Krion's furniture catalogue offers a wide variety of options for Solid Surface furniture. This uniform, fully-adaptable material plays with form and colour like no other, and provides extraordinary durability. 

Our Krion furniture has been designed so it can be perfectly tailored to any space, giving you everything you need for unparalleled functionality. 

Thanks to its technical properties, this durable material is the ideal choice for high-transit areas. And thanks to its composition, Krion™ is a fully recyclable material. 

Furniture manufactured in this material is the perfect demonstration of its unique attributes. Let's take a look at some of the more remarkable applications of this solid surface furniture.


Krion™ furniture for all types of spaces 

Krion™ Solid Surface stands out amongst all the latest generation materials thanks to its strength, solidity and unmatched characteristics. Its bacteriostatic properties, high resistance, zero porosity, mineral composition and lightweight construction, not to mention easy cleaning, make Krion® Solid Surface furniture the ideal choice for any space. 

Krion™ Solid Surface is endorsed by a number of certifications, with highlights including Euroclasss b s1 d0 for its fire resistance, making this a safe material for any application.

Krion™ furniture is the best choice for anyone on the lookout for all these exceptional features and properties - whether for domestic or public spaces such as businesses, shopping centres, hotels and restaurants. 


Krion™ furniture for the home

Some parts of the home require furniture and surfaces that can guarantee certain attributes. Resistance, water-tightness, cleanliness and its hygienic bacteriostatic properties are just some of the essentials this material has got covered. And this makes Solid Surface furniture the ideal choice for this space. 

Whether you install it as decorative furniture, shelving or cladding, kitchen worktop or bathroom countertop, the numerous benefits Krion™ offers, such as durability, will meet your needs. Join-free furniture with zero porosity, equals added hygiene - and safety. What's more, its bacteriostatic nature prevents fungi and bacteria from developing on the furniture, representing an added plus for home safety.


Krion™ furniture for businesses and commercial premises

Using Krion™ Solid Surface in the home is just one application. This furniture is also the perfect material for use in businesses and commercial premises. 

Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, Krion™ is perfectly suited to bespoke corporate furniture, adapted perfectly to your brand image.

Thanks to the way it can be customised, its join-free construction, and with backlit options available, Krion™ can be used to create uninterrupted surfaces for customised corporate or commercial furniture, tailored perfectly to a brand's profile: with unique and distinctive results. 

And regardless of where you install Krion® furniture for businesses or commercial premises, you can use it to create furniture in different forms and shapes thanks to its malleability and thermoforming capacity, resulting in furniture which is fully customised and adapted to the style of any business premises, without any loss of resistance or functionality.

What's more, the material's zero porosity means furniture made with the Porcelanosa Solid Surface is easy to clean and disinfect, something which is without question becoming more and more important. 

Amongst its numerous qualities, standout features include the high resistance of the furniture, withstanding continuous use and even unharmed by blows, which coupled with its easy maintenance and repairs makes this furniture an incredibly durable option: a major advantage for companies and businesses.


Krion™ furniture for hotels and restaurants

Hotels and restaurants need to have durable and resistant furniture that can cope with high transit, and also meet the health and safety standards demanded of them. This is why they've found their perfect ally in Krion™, for furniture that can meet their requirements and needs.

The unique features of Krion™ furniture, such as resistance to wear and tear, easy maintenance and simple repairs, mean it will keep its flawless, good-as-new look for longer. And there's more: the composition of the solid surface prevents the spread of fire. These properties not only offer an added plus for Krion™ furniture in terms of safety, but keep spaces looking pristine.

Thanks to its zero porosity and absence of joins, Krion™ can be used to design furniture and uninterrupted surfaces free from corners and crevices and with smooth and unnoticeable joints. Dirt and germs often accumulate in corners and hard to reach areas, so these surfaces are much more hygienic. This is the case in hotel reception areas, restaurants, lobbies and rooms, where it will give customers peace of mind and guarantee a healthy environment.  

The material is bacteriostatic, preventing the spread of microorganisms in spaces where safety and hygiene are major priorities. And thanks to its sterile nature, Krion® furniture is perfectly safe to come into direct contact with food, making it ideal for use in kitchens, buffets, restaurants and bathrooms.  

On top of all this, you can even combine it with other materials such as wood, stone or metals, creating unique furniture with a lot of personality.


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