The role of Krion in the wood sector

Krion wood sector


On May 15, as speakers, we were at the 2nd Meeting for Interior Design Professionals for Wood Carpentry Installations, which was organised by ASEMAD. The main objective on that day was to promote the meeting among businessmen, shopkeepers, installers, designers and architects from the Valencian Community.

At the Valencia Chamber of Commerce "Luis Vives Business School" in the Technological Park in Paterna, many professionals got together from the wood sector in order to share knowledge, news and innovations about the sector.

In the forum, aspects related to the sector were shared, namely: productive and material innovation; the digitalization of the industry and the growing interest in sustainability and the Circular Economy.

Krion's presentation focused on the benefits that both our material and our company offer to wood professionals:

1. Backed up by a great brand name: Krion is one of the companies which make up PORCELANOSA Grupo, which is responsible for creating raw materials based on mineral composites, manufactured as panels and semi-finished products. Fulfilling the highest international quality and sustainability standards.

2. The similarity of wood treatment: KrionTM works in a similar way to wood, with 90% compatibility. Most of our partners stress that to start working with KrionTM, they did not need to invest in material, something which made the viability of the business easier and the increase in their job projection.

3. High power of creation: KrionTM is not a finished material, but a raw material which creates the possibility of manufacturing and design for professionals, thus reaching the most demanding specifications for each client in every project.              

4. A wide range of applications: The versatility and resistance of KrionTM make it an ideal material for:

- Furniture and commercial, office, hotel, catering and clinical equipment.

- Work surfaces and countertops

- Bathroom equipment

- Indoor and outdoor wall tiles

- Signage

- Floor tiles

- Industrial products.

5. Unique properties: For the wood sector, there are a number of properties which make the KrionTM solid surface an option to keep in mind when creating, mainly because of: its backlighting capacity, zero porosity, ease of cleaning, thermoforming capacity, the possibility of offering a surface without perceptible joints, fire resistance, UV resistance, low thermal conductivity and its resistance to extreme conditions.

6. KrionTM K·Life: The innovative material has KEAST technology, which is capable of purifying the air thanks to its photocatalytic properties. It also has a cleaning facility; it is bactericidal and it removes chemicals with ease from the surface.

7. Krion Affinity: The back up for our partners is key for the company. A work atmosphere in which professionals have a place to rely on, both on a technical and business level which, not only leads to an optimal result in the projects, but also great satisfaction for clients.

Krion clearly gears itself towards benefitting company collaborators and partners, enhancing the circular economy which, was of special interest for those attending. Joiners, manufacturers and designers were all in agreement at the end of the presentation in claiming that Krion is a quality solution which is aimed at creating spaces for sustainable and safe future which offers them profitability and professional growth alike.