Renovated KRION® Showroom for the PORCELANOSA Group’s 22nd International Exhibition


Renovado Showroom de KRION® para la XXII Muestra Internacional de PORCELANOSA Grupo

Just 12 days from PORCELANOSA Group’s 22nd International Exhibition, the eight firms which make up the Group are finalising the preparations for presenting the renovation of their showrooms and the new products which will set trends in 2015.

From the 2nd to the 6th of February, KRION® will open the doors of the showroom, with the intention of amazing and informing our visitors. This year the exhibition will have a focal point, the roots of a tree called KRION®, from which grow all the possibilities and experiences which the PORCELANOSA Group’s compact mineral provides us with. These roots will spread out through its characteristics and properties, showing us to trust KRION® as a solid base. From this root sprouts a more than robust trunk from which branch possibilities for atmospheres, health, boutiques, hotels, etc., which bear the fruits of applications (interior and exterior coverings, furniture, countertops, signs, kitchens, bathrooms, commercial furnishings, etc.).

We will also present new products of the material such as the exclusive UNIQUE concept, a series which allows the client to model to their taste and without joins; and washbasins, shower trays and bathtubs which combined with sheets of Snow White, or any other colour, open an incredible aesthetic range. The series of KRION® sheets grows with Luxury, colours which provide the beauty of nature with the appearance of natural stone and without losing the qualities of our material. Responding to the needs of our clients, the Nature series is expanded with recycled colours, Day Nature and Night Nature. To see the rest of the new products, you will have to visit our exhibition, or check this website during the fair.

We want to highlight the boutique atmosphere designed by Castelveciana Arquitectura, which without doubt will be one of the strong points of PORCELANOSA Group’s 22nd International Exhibition.

During 2014 we have worked to give a special and differentiating character to the KRION® Bath series, and  the  effort has been  made with one of the most  experienced national studios, estudi{H}ac.  Jose Manuel Ferrero, creative director of the studio, has not only designed the ARO product series, but has also taken charge of the exhibition space which will be presented on the first floor of our Showroom.

WE’RE WAITING FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!