Porcelanosa MGZ – KRION® app now available for iPad


Porcelanosa MGZ – KRION®

Focusing now on the summer period, PORCELANOSA Group is launching the new edition of PORCELANOSA magazine in the format of an iPad app, on this occasion dedicated solely to the compact mineral KRION®.

The series of applications will go on to show us both the materials and the projects and businesses of the PORCELANOSA Group. This collection of apps, created to be educational and to raise awareness, offers interactive images and audiovisual content which will help us to understand the PORCELANOSA Group in a more intuitive way.

In this second edition, the PORCELANOSA MGZ KRION® application shows us the properties of KRION® while giving us an in-depth look at projects being undertaken, with interactive content throughout the page which allows us to interact with the material and its possibilities.

Don’t miss out on the new PORCELANOSA MGZ KRION® iPad app this summer, or the first in the PORCELANOSA MGZ series, both available in the App Store.

Porcelanosa MGZ – KRION® Porcelanosa MGZ – KRION®