Krion Project: Creative compositions which fulfill functional necessities



One of the main qualities of any architect, interior designer or designer is to know how to adapt client demands to meet objectives and to provide added value to the end result.
In order to achieve that, banking on resources and tools which help in the obtainment of that aforementioned end result is key.


Project objective:

In the cafeteria in the PORCELANOSA Grupo showroom in Malaga, delimiting a relaxing meeting space was sought-after, which was different to the workspaces and exhibition areas. All of this without losing an inch of the company’s cutting edge style or the diaphanous distribution which the space counts on.

Also, because of being in direct contact with food, the space requires specific hygienic and repair facility conditions.

Project resolution:

In order to achieve visual continuity and an integrated space, which is correctly delimited at the same time, Krion’s design department worked alongside Arkais Llac,  the company who oversees: the manufacturing and design of the stands; the exhibitions and the sales/business equipment, too.

The idea was to create an open lattice which let light come flooding in, which would give off a feeling of spaciousness, while maintaining a visual contact point with the rest of the exhibition area. The KrionTM thermocurving feature allowed for dynamic lines with no joints to be created which, brought the cafeteria together with the space, showing at the same time the most innovative side to PORCELANOSA Grupo.

Counting on no joints was key for the furniture and the easy cleaning Surface from KrionTM.
In order to provide added value to the project, Krion K·Life with KEAST technology was opted for, which has the capability to decrease environmental contamination.

The result, is nothing more than a space which is completely customised/personalised, adapted to client needs, which not sees hygiene and design brought together but also functionality.