Krion™ Colors, a universe of colours for your solid surface


Krion™ Colors offers a universe full of colours and tones in a multitude of formats to create unique projects — such as kitchens, bathrooms or wall surfaces — that are bursting with life and are primed for other materials and decorative elements. 

One of the great advantages of Krion™ solid surface sheets is that they retain their colour and durability over time, as their mineral composition allows them to stand up to blows and cracking. This characteristic keeps the solid surface sheets unchanged from day one.

In addition, Krion™ solid colours come in multiple finishes, including high gloss, satin, matte and sandy, depending on the aesthetic needs of the space. Lastly, solid surface sheets can be pieced together with no visible joins to bring continuity to the design.

Now you know why Krion Colors are setting the trend, delighting architects and interior designers and offering endless possibilities in interior design.

Series and colours

Snow Series

Material composed of top-quality mineral fillers and acrylic resins. 

Snow White by Krion is the ideal solution for any design project, including the kitchen or bathroom. Its pure white colour can be fully integrated with any other decorative material to generate a space full of elegance and light.

The Krion K·Life collection is created with KEAST technology, which uses photocatalysis to endow the material with a range of new properties, and is only available in the Snow White colour series.

Colors Series

The Colors Series range is characterised by soft pastel colours that are perfect for warmer and welcoming spaces where you can relax and feel at ease.

Colors + Series

If there is anything that sets the Colors + Series apart, it's certainly its vitality. Choose from a wide range of colours to develop cosmopolitan and daring projects that are full of personality, permeating rooms like kitchens and bathrooms with colour and freshness through solid surface worktops.

Light Series

This series is characterised by its bright, fresh and gentle tones that create welcoming and comfortable spaces.

Since it is a translucent material that lets light pass through, it is ideal for decorating straight or curved backlit surfaces.


Nature Series

An ecological series inspired by nature and distinguished by the Eco-Cycle® seal. Its solid surface sheets are manufactured in large part with recycled Krion™ for a sustainable and top-quality design.

Its range of colours offers a very natural touch for pleasant and eye-catching spaces.

Star Series

The quintessential series that shines bright thanks to microparticles full of reflective metallic details. Its light base tones will bring peace and serenity to your decorative designs and generate beautiful hues with a shiny effect. 

Royal Series

If you want your workspaces to have the appearance of natural stone, Royal Series is your choice. Its range of natural colours created using crystalline particles offers continuity and homogeneity by eliminating joints ⁠— ideal for sanitary applications with trim and curved corners. Enjoy all the above alongside the range of properties provided by Krion Solid Surface. 

Asteroid Series

A classic yet daring series for projects with a unique style. The solid surface sheets are composed of particles that produce a sense of disorder while contributing harmony to the surface through different colours. 

Royal + Series

Royal + Series sheets represent the pure essence of natural minerals. 

This is our most innovative series thanks to its metallic and transparent particles, making it perfect for designing working surfaces, like kitchen countertops, and giving it a look similar to natural stone. All this comes in addition to the properties of Krion Solid Surface, where continuity and homogeneity take centre stage by eliminating joints ⁠— ideal for sanitary applications with trim and curved corners.

Its wide variety of colours and different finishes bring a natural feel to the space.


Terrazzo Series

A series inspired by timeless terrazo but adapted to the latest design trends. Give a classic yet daring touch to your spaces with Terrazo Series solid surface, featuring a wide range of colours that combine perfectly with other materials. 

Luxury Series

Sophistication and elegance go hand-in-hand with the Luxury Series, offering a range of colours inspired by natural stone that are full of natural beauty and are perfect for creating refined and cosmopolitan spaces. All while guaranteeing the benefits offered by Krion Solid Surface. 

Art Veins Series

Inspired by natural stone, the Art Veins Series is perfect for creating elegant spaces thanks to its subtle, defined lines that are full of character. 

Its curated colours feature small particles that bring a sense of depth for a bold, modern design that is ideal for workspaces and other surfaces. 

Opale Series

An original series inspired by marble that will bestow movement and light on your decorative projects thanks to bright and intense steaks that simulate the flow of water. 

Discover how its backlighting produces new lines and shapes that will bring life and texture to your space.

Materia Series

This series is perfect for creating joint-free surfaces that enliven the decorative space with texture and continuity. Choose the Materia Series solid surface to satisfy the latest demands of interior design and architecture, always with the maximum guarantee of the technical features offered by Krion.  

Browse our catalogue to take a more detailed look at the infinite possibilities offered by Krion Colors when designing your projects.



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