KRION® chosen by Santa-Cruz Arquitectos for the finishing of a lobby

KRION® chosen by Santa-Cruz Arquitectos for the finishing of a lobby - Solid Surface


One of the sectors in which the PORCELANOSA Group, KRION® Solid Surface generates most confidence is the "HOME" sector. Its use inside a home is so heterogeneous that it can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, facade... and within each of these locations, as walling or flooring, countertops, beds, furniture, decoration... an endless range of possibilities for the use of KRION®, where imagination is the only limit when it comes to design.

In this case, Santa-Cruz Arquitectos has used our KRION® material in the lobby of a block of flats, Edificio Coy, in the city of Murcia. We can see KRION® 1100 in its transformation into walling, furniture, mailbox area, and in its decorative mode with illuminated milled bas-relief KRION®, creating subtle overhead roses that create a welcoming atmosphere at the entrance to the hallway.

The diversity of the end result demonstrates that Santa-Cruz Arquitectos is a studio formed by an interdisciplinary group of professionals where experience and innovation come together for the same purpose, to create works with genuine passion, while offering the client solutions to their needs with excellent service.

KRION® transformed by: Mariano and Jose Esteban, C.B.