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PositrĂłnMed - Santiago de Chile - Chile

PositrónMed and Prado Tuset Arquitectos: the first KRION® facade in Chile

The Prado Tuset Arquitectos studio has been in charge of making this eye-catching project a reality. Designed as a home and used until now as a restaurant, the studio was responsible for converting it into a cancer research clinic.

The PositrónMed clinic, located in the Metropolitan region of Santiago (Chile), is specialised in the early prevention of tumours, and operated by the renowned Dr Horacio Amaral. The building has two floors on which the solid surface from PORCELANOSA Group, KRION®, is especially important in its spectacular facade created by William Denham of Diametro, a KRION® transformation company in Santiago.

We can find KRION® PORCELANOSA Solid Surface in most of the cubicles of the clinic, in the reception, countertops, procedure rooms, work coverings and in the laborious work of its facade, the first in Chile made with KRION®. The facade has two faces with a curved area, and uses the Snow White 1100 colour, and a strip of KRION® Extreme Light 4102, the star colour of our translucent range, which we can illuminate at night.

The property of unnoticeable joins makes the facade seem like a single monolithic piece and offers the complex increased neatness and brightness, which both the Prado Tuset Arquitectos studio and the PositrónMed clinic considered fundamental from the outset


C.C. Leclerc - Saint Paul les Dax - Francia

Aesthetics service at the Leclerc shopping centre in Saint Paul les Dax, equipped with KRION®

At the Leclerc shopping centre in Saint Paul les Dax, in the region of Aquitania, we can find a multitude of specialised shops, and clients can enjoy a space for wellbeing, to take an hour for themselves. The cosmetics and perfume shop also contains an institute for body care, manicure, make-up and other beauty treatments. This space was designed by Béatrice Oréal.

We find the solid surface from PORCELANOSA Group in the countertops and dividers, a work carried out by interior designer Béatrice Oréal, who was able to take advantage of the properties of KRION®, using thermocurving and machining to generate a waiting area with dividers, creating a welcoming atmosphere in a room with high visibility.

In the cosmetics sector hygiene is one of the most important values, making KRION® an ideal material due to its easy cleaning and additive-free anti-bacterial property.

KRION® transforming company: Vitalbois


L’Institut de Chirurgie Guidée par l’Image “IHU” - Estrasburgo - Francia

KRION® in the exceptional reception of IHU – Strasbourg


L’Institut de Chirurgie Guidée par l’Image “IHU” (Institute of Image Guided Surgery) is at the heart of Strasbourg University Hospital, connected with the New University Hospital, near the centre of the city. All its activities have been consolidated in a new 13,000m2 building that incorporates the latest medical imaging technology, which facilitates the development of the patients and promotes exchange between medical teams

We can find KRION® in the exceptional 17 metre long reception counter, for which the 1100 Snow White colour was selected, the colour which combines all features of the solid surface from PORCELANOSA Group. The work was supervised by the S&AA architecture studio (Strasbourg), whose work began in 2015, with “CM Distribution” as the transforming company in charge of manipulating our materialKRION®. Jeremy Rauscher from CM Distribution tells us… “It is like a work of art; many hours and almost surgical detail were required. One of the challenges was to respect the lines of the front, and manage some technical details, such as the weight of the swing door which allows employees to access the client reception counter, which is covered with KRION®. The result is a visual impact with very aesthetic and smooth continuous lines, and a texture that is like natural stone. The counter was pre-assembled in the workshop, and then mounted at IHU”.

Architects: Agence S&AA Patrick Schweitzer (Strasbourg).

Construction: KS Construcciones in association with Karl Storz and Siemens Healthcare. Transformers: CM Distribution.


Hospital Universitario A Coruña (CHUAC) - A Coruña - Galicia

18 operating rooms and much more created with KRION®, at the A Coruña University Hospital (CHUAC)

The CASASOLO Arquitectos studio was in charge of creating this huge project which, particularly on the 3rd floor (the new block of operating rooms), used the compact mineral from PORCELANOSA Group, KRION®.

CASASOLO Arquitectos was founded in 2008 by architects Francesc Pernas, Bernat Gato and Roger Pernas, with the design and construction of healthcare buildings as their main sphere of operations. For this hospital, they have had the invaluable support of architect Cristina Fernández. The experience acquired in this kind of construction has led them to become a national point of reference and allowed them to undertake other projects in healthcare spaces such as research centres, laboratories, senior citizens’ centres, health centres, etc. with guaranteed quality.

We can find the compact mineral from PORCELANOSA Group, KRION®, on the vertical coverings, 3 emergency operating rooms and 15 general operating rooms on the 3rd floor, the anti-splash washbasins of the operating rooms, corridor coverings and washbasins, and countless other places for which KRION® is an ideal material, thanks to its additive-free anti-bacterial properties, unnoticeable joints, easy cleaning, resistance to chemical attacks, and durability, etc.

We would like to congratulate and also thank all companies involved in this project, who have trusted in the compact mineral from PORCELANOSA Group, KRION®. THANK YOU!!!


Clínica Dental Asensio - Valencia - España

Odontología avanzada es el eslogan que ha elegido la Clínica Dental Asensio, y una vez conocida sus instalaciones, no es tan solo un eslogan, su futurista aspecto cuadra a la perfección con su instrumental de última generación, la atención profesional y el mimo por los detalles cierran este círculo perfecto, del que el compacto mineral del Grupo PORCELANOSA, KRION®, forma parte.


Farmacia Gran vía - Valencia - España

El compacto mineral del Grupo PORCELANOSA es parte importante tanto en el interior como en el exterior de la botica. Podemos encontrar KRION® 1100 Snow White en el mobiliario interior, 1508, Drak Brown, en el frontal donde se encuentra el logo y se introduce hasta el techo interior del establecimiento, y el color 4102 Extreme Light, KRION® retroiluminable en todos sus espesores en pórtico de entrada. En definitiva,  KRION® es ideal para cualquier establecimiento sanitario.


Clínica Dental Ortega & Cubillo - Granada - España

En pleno centro de Granada, en la Acera del Daro nº 80, a tan solo unos metros del lugar donde se encuentra la Virgen de las Angustias, patrona de los granadinos, se localiza la Clínica Dental Ortega  & Cubillo, en esta podemos  encontrar  la superficie solida del Grupo PORCELANOSA KRION®, en la recepción y en los habitáculos diseñados a modo de box.


Eye Face Surgical Institute - Toronto - Canadá

El resultado final de “Eye Face Surgical Institute” es un claro ejemplo del mimo y la meticulosidad con que el estudio de arquitectura y diseño, C& Partners Architects plantean sus trabajos, y una prueba de que la superficie solida del Grupo PORCELANOSA, KRION®, cumple con las expectativas de los estudios y las certificaciones más exigentes.


IM CLINIC – Barcelona – España

El compacto mineral del Grupo PORCELANOSA , KRION®, ha sido utilizado en diferentes zonas, la recepción que se encuentra en la entrada, mostradores interiores, muebles-encimera de los baños públicos,  lavabo de los quirófanos, entradas a la habitaciones, las singulares lámparas de anillos con cromoterapia …

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