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One Park - Shanghai - China

One Park Shanghai by Wilson Associates, a luxury building with KRION® in its hall

Located a short distance from the Jing’an Temple metro station, and close to the busy commercial area of Nanjing Lu Shopping Street, is one of the most luxurious residential buildings in Shanghai, One Park. The Wilson Associates studio was in charge of planning this exclusive urban development made up of five high-rise buildings with a central garden, covered swimming pool, tennis court, gym, bowling alley, and endless leisure equipment for all residents to enjoy in an enviable location in which PORCELANOSA Group has participated with ceramic, toilets and the compact mineral KRION®.

In one of the entrance halls, we can see the Solid Surface from PORCELANOSA Group, KRION®, in its 1100 Snow White format, transformed into coverings with a low relief, backlit, machined lattice.

Combining different thicknesses of material, the backlit KRION® covers the hall with an elegant, premium touch, with white columns, if we do not use the option to turn on the lattice. This is a clear example of the possibilities of KRION® in sectors such as Decoration and Homes.


Loft - Philadelphia - USA

KRION® in a noteworthy loft in Philadelphia, USA

PORCELANOSA Group has formed part of the renovation of this space into a spectacular single family home. Occasionally our hobbies become a starting point for something bigger, and in this case the owners of the home were in charge of designing the interior and selecting each of the details that we can find inside. Unrelated to the world of design, with only good ideas and the aim of converting their home into a comfortable, practical place to live in, this home is a clear demonstration that when care is applied to things, they turn out well.

We can find KRION®, the solid surface from PORCELANOSA Group, in the spectacular kitchen island, the bathroom countertops and shower trays, all in our star Snow White 1100 KRION® colour.

 KRION® transformed by: MacLaren Fabricator, Inc.


Cool Blue Villa - Marbella - Malaga - España

TheJasper Polak & Silke Roerig architecture studio was selected to create this spectacular single family home designed by 123DV Modern Villas. The first thing that attracts our attention when we approach this unique construction is its 100m2 ventilated facade made from KRION®, installed by Butech (a company belonging to PORCELANOSA Group) using its innovative attachment systems. After the first visual impact, we realise that we are not in an everyday home, instead finding a home where the greatest care has been taken in design and even the smallest details. It is an avant-garde, contemporary home opening onto the sea with windows that surround all the rooms.

The colour selected for this project was our most popular colour, KRION® Snow White 1100, which gives the best results in a location as demanding as the beachfront of the Marbella coast in Malaga (Spain).

Images:Carlos Caceres Lavergne


251 Dekalb Residential Complex - Philadelphia - USA

Varenhorst Architects use KRION® for the 251 DEKALB residential complex in Philadelphia, USA

Located in King of Prussia, Philadelphia, USA, in the 1960s the Marquis residential development was created. 50 years later, the Varenhorst Architects studio has been responsible for redesigning this complex, converting it into the new 251 Dekalb. This spectacular change has been possible under the management of Candlebroom Preoperties.

The new 251 Dekalb has 650 apartments, 2 gyms, an indoor children’s play area, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, yoga room, games room, tennis, basketball court and dog park. Everything has a fresh, modern design, using products from PORCELANOSA Group for the interior of the homes.

We can find the compact mineral KRION® in the kitchen countertops and islands of these large, modern apartments, in its best-known 1100 Snow White colour. Its easy cleaning, additive-free anti-bacterial properties, regeneration, resistance to chemical attacks, and many other properties allow the demanding tenants of these homes to be fully satisfied with their experience with KRION®, the new generation solid surface.


Vivienda particular - Hasselt - Bélgica

En nuestro viaje por el mundo presentando KRION®, nuestra siguiente parada, es uno de los  países miembros fundadores de la comunidad europea, Bélgica,  en el norte se  encuentra la ciudad de Hasselt, y en ella el Studio Lijnen & Partners, han sido los encargados de diseñar esta vivienda particular, en la que el compacto mineral del Grupo PORCELANOSA, se funde con el estilo sobrio y vanguardista que nos plantea el estudio en estos impactantes baños. El diseño de estos espacios, es la fiel prueba, que no es necesarias grandes superficies para plasmar diseños sorprendentes y funcionales.


Zaguan Edificio Coy - Murcia - España

KRION® chosen by Santa-Cruz Arquitectos for the finishing of a lobby

One of the sectors in which the PORCELANOSA Group, KRION® Solid Surface generates most confidence is the "HOME" sector. Its use inside a home is so heterogeneous that it can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, facade... and within each of these locations, as walling or flooring, countertops, beds, furniture, decoration... an endless range of possibilities for the use of KRION®, where imagination is the only limit when it comes to design.

In this case, Santa-Cruz Arquitectos has used our KRION® material in the lobby of a block of flats, Edificio Coy, in the city of Murcia. We can see KRION® 1100 in its transformation into walling, furniture, mailbox area, and in its decorative mode with illuminated milled bas-relief KRION®, creating subtle overhead roses that create a welcoming atmosphere at the entrance to the hallway.

The diversity of the end result demonstrates that Santa-Cruz Arquitectos is a studio formed by an interdisciplinary group of professionals where experience and innovation come together for the same purpose, to create works with genuine passion, while offering the client solutions to their needs with excellent service.

KRION® transformed by: Mariano and Jose Esteban, C.B.


Fachada edificio residencial - Neudon - Francia

El estudio Agence Architecture Lanctuit ha sido el encargado de proyectar este edificio residencial Le Domaine de la Forêt, ubicado en la cercana ciudad de Paris, Meudon. Se trata de un proyecto en el cual se ha confiado en el sistema de instalación de Butech, y estos mismos han sido los encargados de colocar los 2.700 metros cuadrados del compacto mineral del Grupo PORCELANOSA, KRION®, de los que consta, este premiado trabajo.


Ático A-Cero – Gandia – España

En este ático en Gandia el compacto mineral del Grupo PORCELANOSA, KRION®, brilla con todo su esplendor en el salón-comedor-cocina de cerca 70m2, siendo KRION® el enlace de las dos estancias.

Al entrar en el salón-comedor llama la atención su techo realizado con KRION®, lo podemos ver nacer desde la base de la encimera, y se aprecia cómo se desliza por la columna llegando hasta el final de la estancia sin una sola junta.

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