The gastronomic experience of “La Lonja del Mar” uses KRION® in its journey

The gastronomic experience of “La Lonja del Mar” uses KRION® in its journey - Solid Surface


Located in one of the most emblematic areas of Madrid, Plaza de Oriente number 6, facing the Royal Palace and right beside the Royal Theatre, we can enjoy a gastronomic experience that passes through three different times and spaces: “La Lonja del Mar”.

Each step of this journey has its own personality: “La Mar” is fun and fresh (rice dishes and tapas), “Raw Bar” is elegant and Cosmopolitan (Mediterranean sushi), and “La Lonja” is transcendent and emotional (cuisine and knowledge). In each step, the range of gastronomy is different, but all have a common factor: excellence in raw materials.

As they tell us, “Raw Bar is the living expression of la Dolce Vita, the good live, and being swept away by it”. Speaking of being swept away, here the Solid Surface of PORCELANOSA Group, KRION®, fits in perfectly, as our material allows designs to flow and create organic shapes and curves, thanks to its thermocurving property and imperceptible joins. Along with being anti-bacterial without additives, this makes KRION® the ideal material for the hospitality sector.

We would like to take the opportunity to recommend this journey, which begins on the shore – La Mar–travelling along the coast – Raw Bar–and proceeding onto the open sea – La Lonja.






KRION® Solid Surface






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