Decoration in pharmacies: Design tips

decoracion farmacias modernas


If your next project is to design the interior of a pharmacy, you should know that its decoration can make a big difference to the shopping experience and the success of the business. The decoration of a pharmacy can help create a welcoming and professional environment, but at the same time convey a specific personality and style. 

In this article, we present some ideas for decorating your pharmacy.

How do I decorate a pharmacy? Key points to take into account

Before you start decorating, it is important to consider the style and personality you want to convey. Do you want a modern, minimalist pharmacy or a more classical, warmer one inspired by the old apothecaries?

 decoracion farmacia mostrador moderno

Modern backlit counter made with Krion® Solid Surface

Denia, Spain
By Inside Pharmacy

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Once the style has been defined, it's time to choose the right colours, furniture and accessories to create a consistent and harmonious environment. Some key elements for decorating a pharmacy are:

  • The colour palette: Choose colours that are consistent with the style of your pharmacy. For a modern, minimalist décor, a good choice could be white, black and grey tones. If you prefer a warmer, more welcoming décor, pastel shades and earthy would be ideal.

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  • Furniture: Choose functional and comfortable furniture for your customers. Also, make sure that the furniture is adapted to the available space. And most importantly, that it doesn't prevent customers from moving around.
  • Accessories that make all the difference: Accessories can be an excellent way to display your personality and style. You can opt for works of art, plants, carpets or curtains to give your pharmacy a personal and welcoming touch.

 mostrador blanco farmacia decoracion

Los Alcázares, Spain
By Inside Pharmacy

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pharmacy designs to inspire you

There are several pharmacy designs that you can consider for the decoration of your space.  

  1. Modern pharmacies that transmit innovation

 A modern pharmacy usually has a minimalist and contemporary décor, with subtle colours and straight lines. You can opt for Solid Surface furniture and accessories to achieve a modern and sophisticated look.

decoracion farmacias modernas 

Castellón, Spain
By Inside Pharmacy

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  1. Pharmacies that don't lose sight of the past

 For a more classical or rustic style, you could choose warm colours and elements that let the most noble materials be seen, such as wooden beams, exposed brick pillars or natural stone walls. You can also add decorative details, such as mouldings or antique lamps, to give your pharmacy a touch of elegance.

 decoracion farmacias modernas

Valencia, Spain
By Inside Pharmacy

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3. Themed pharmacy

If you want to add a touch of fun to your pharmacy, why not go for a themed décor. For example, you can decorate your pharmacy with elements related to nature, health or the history of medicine.

 decoracion farmacias modernas

Thiais / France
By Inside Pharmacy

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Tips for decorating your pharmacy

As well as choosing the right style and the right furniture and accessories, there are some other tips you can follow to decorate your pharmacy:

  • Make sure that the lighting is suitable for the space and that it is not too bright or too dim.
  • Create a comfortable waiting area for your customers, with chairs or sofas and magazines or books to keep them entertained while they wait.
  • Use technology to create a more attractive experience for your customers. For example, you can install screens that display information on products, promotions or health advice.
  • Keep your pharmacy clean and tidy at all times. This will convey an image of professionalism and generate confidence among your customers.
  • Use clear and legible signage elements to guide your customers through your pharmacy and make the shopping experience easier and more comfortable.

decoracion farmacias modernas 

Villajoyosa, Spain
By Inside Pharmacy

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How to decorate a pharmacy with Krion® Solid Surface

Krion® Lux is an innovative material that can be used for interior decoration, including pharmacies. This material is resistant, easy to clean and comes in a wide variety of designs and colours.

decoracion farmacias modernas 

Cartagena, Spain

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If you want to decorate your pharmacy with Krion, you could consider some of these ideas:

  • Use Krion® Lux to create counters and shelves in your pharmacy. This material is water- and stain-resistant, making it ideal for storing pharmaceutical products.
  • Create walls covered with Krion® Lux to give your pharmacy a touch of elegance and modernity. You could choose a minimalist design or a customised pattern to make your pharmacy unique.
  • Use Krion® Lux to create signs and markings in your pharmacy. This material is easy to shape and cut, making it ideal for creating letters and customised logos.

In conclusion, the decoration of a pharmacy is an important element for transmitting a professional and welcoming image to your customers. When you choose the right style, furniture and accessories and consider the use of innovative materials such as Krion® Lux, you can create an environment that will make your customers feel comfortable and confident when choosing your products and services.