We have a new showroom

New Showroom


Krion opens a new showroom in Vila-real in partnership with estudi{H}ac. The design of the space has been completely renovated to showcase all the firm's materials in a setting that is meant to inspire. 

In the 1000+ square metre showroom, the space is intended to provide a meeting place where industry professionals and individuals can use their senses to learn about the multiple applications in architecture and interior design.

According to José Manuel Ferrero, the director of estudi{H}ac, “our goal with this project was to create a bright, versatile and functional space in which to show off Krion's qualities. We have designed a place with a great visual appeal where the material is the absolute centrepiece”.

 What is the concept behind the new space in Krion's showroom?

K·ONCENTRICO 360º is the new showroom concept that we at estudi{H}ac – JMFerrero have designed for Krion by Porcelanosa Group. A place where circularity holds the key to everything. 

On one wall, the imagined space is born around an elemental geometric figure, an immersive experience where everything revolves around innovation and design. In addition, the focus on the sustainability and recycling of materials supports the idea of circularity. 

This then gives way to a sequence of immersive settings that allow visitors to tour different types of environments in which they can enter into direct contact with the product in a fluid and continuous way, where they can touch and experience the products intuitively. 

· What was your inspiration for the design?

A new showroom involved a twist of concept, hence the search to come up with a completely different project that makes an impact by how it distributes the space, but that is also highly practical and educational. 

In this case, it was the circular geometry that enabled us to generate this new space, creating also a new type of visual atmosphere thanks to the new palette of colours and tones, combined with a more technical and industrial aesthetic.

· What ideas do you want to highlight inside the space?

The aim was to create a path that helps visitors understand the different products offered by KRION, that sweeps them away into the world of design and interior architecture.

The design of the new showroom seeks to underscore all the qualities of these materials, where visitors can explore and discover a variety of solutions that KRION offers for various environments and applications. 

· In one sentence, what stands out the most?

More than a showroom, it's a testament to how circularity, both in form and concept, can be harmoniously integrated into the world of design and construction of spaces.  A philosophy that seeks to inspire, depending on the materials selected, where each contemporary scenario can show off its own character.