The most modern and sustainable façades are made with Krion Porcelanosa Group


Modern and sustainable façades aren't just the face of a building, but a crucial component in defining its long-term efficiency, aesthetic personality and green credentials.

Architects and construction professionals are increasingly looking for innovative ways to make the façades of homes more attractive and functional. They are also aware of the importance of having the least possible impact on the environment and use ecological materials for construction.

In this context, Krion®, thanks to its versatility, durability and incomparable aesthetic qualities, is an unbeatable choice. 

Because of its high resistance to fire and extreme weather conditions, among other qualities, it offers an optimal alternative construction material. Its colour stability against UV rays, changes in temperature and climatic phenomena make it an ideal material for the construction of façades and sustainable houses.

A building needs to comply with a number of requirements in order to be classed as sustainable. These include being built with recyclable materials or providing a level of thermal insulation that leads to a considerable reduction in energy consumption. 

Using Krion® in sustainable constructions ticks these boxes - and many more. Krion's solid surface takes sustainable façades (and other applications) to the next level. 

Krion® Lux is the sustainable material par excellence. 100% recyclable, it combines all the advantages of other sustainable façade materials, and more on top, making it a truly unique solid surface. 

From the most minimalist to the most daring and modern, it adapts to any style and design, no matter how unrealistic it may seem. Its capacity to be thermoformed offers many creative possibilities to designers and architects who are looking for surprising shapes that are impossible to create with other materials.

How Krion transforms the façades of modern houses and buildings

Krion® has been the main element in the transformation of many modern home façades, as we can see in these featured projects:


The unique façade of the Casa ARIA was achieved thanks to Krion® LUX.

Straight lines and geometric shapes create a splendid path for light to travel. This makes it easy to enjoy every corner of this clean architecture project.

What's more, the combination of geometric shapes with the pure white of the material creates a fascinating contrast with the environment.

Casa Aria. Almería, Spain. 2022

Architecture: Base Gestión Creativa

Photography: © Ana Mora


In Casa BUENO, located in Algemesí (Valencia), Krion® has been used to create a minimalist and elegant façade. A ventilated façade that stands out not only for its visual impact, but also for its sustainability.

The use of this innovative material in a pure white shade creates a contemporary look. It also provides balance and harmony with the other elements. 

It stands out for the union between the exterior and the interior spaces of the home, which share the same natural aesthetic.

Casa Bueno. Algemesí, Spain. 2020. 

Architecture and interior design: Chiralt Arquitectos

Photography: © Eva Pérez

Belle Isle

Belle Isle, a residential property in Majorca, shows how Krion® can be used to create modern and sustainable façades that are aesthetically pleasing, functional and eco-friendly.

Belle Isle. Llucmajor, Mallorca (Spain). 2016.

Architecture: Jochen Lendle

Photography: © Gori Salvà

Advantages of cutting-edge design in home façades with Krion PORCELANOSA Group

In addition to its attractive aesthetic, Krion® offers several advantages when building sustainable façades. 

Creative versatility 

Its ability to be cut, joined and thermoformed makes it possible to create home façades with innovative shapes and designs.

This lets architects take their creativity to the next level, either by adding curved elements or customised details.

Durability and resistance 

When designing a façade, durability and resistance are key features. Krion® meets these requirements since it is a material that is highly resistant to impacts, moisture and adverse weather conditions. 

Another point worth mentioning is its solar ageing performance. That's because one of the main causes of ageing is sunlight (especially ultraviolet light), along with moisture and high temperatures.

At Krion PORCELANOSA Group, we use the QUV machine to subject the material to an accelerated ageing process and thus improve our solid surfaces. This way we can manufacture a material that is more friendly to the environment and the people who live in it.


Insulation is another essential consideration in the design of façades. Krion® offers good thermal insulation, helping to keep the temperature inside the property comfortable.

It also, though to a lesser extent, provides acoustic insulation, minimising the transmission of external noises and helping to create a peaceful environment in the home. 

Krion® on modern façades: a commitment to sustainability and aesthetics

Krion® is not only characterised by its functionality and beauty, but also by its commitment to the environment.

The design and manufacture of this material is important in these projects not only for its aesthetics, but for its environmental value. 

The Edge

Rafael de La-Hoz's The Edge project stands out for its aesthetically pleasing façade, which is also notable for how its blends visually with the sea, as if it were a stranded boat. 

The Edge. 

Architecture: Rafael de La-Hoz

Interior Photography: Femont Galvan Designers Marbella.

Bath and terrace Photography: Heidi Gubbins.

Outdoors Photography: Nani de Pérez

Residentia Budva

Krion® was chosen for the façade of Budva due to its technical characteristics. Its use in this project shows how this material can help to create modern façade designs that are aesthetically pleasing, durable and environmentally friendly. 

Residencial Royal Gardens. Budva (Montenegro). 

Architecture: estudio Mitarh

Photography: Slaven Vilus

Terrazas del Lago

In the Terrazas del Lago project, KRION® was used to bring life to a bright white façade, which stands out for its modern design and its commitment to sustainability.

The choice of this material for this project underscores its ability to be used in a variety of climatic and geographical conditions.

Terrazas del Lago. Madrid, Spain.

Architecture: César Frías Enciso & Miguel Pradillo. Morph Estudio.


Krion PORCELANOSA Group offers a unique combination of aesthetics, durability and commitment to sustainability that is ideal for today's façades. Whether for residential or commercial projects, this material lends an unmistakable personality and a modern flair to any building.