KRIONā„¢ K-Life picks up the Silver Winner at the Product Innovation Awards



KRIONTM K-Life and its features, both environmental and technical, have been given the Silver Winner award at the Product Innovation Awards, organised by The Environments for Ageing. This event sees awards given to the most innovative products from the industry in the design of spaces for elderly people.  

Creating functional and healthy life spaces which benefit the elderly is the main criterion in the candidate selection for this renowned award in the USA.  

KRIONTM K-Life improves its properties with the adding of the air purification photocatalytic capacity, which turns out to be highly beneficial for the environment and for those living there. The technical innovation of this Solid Surface, totally unique because of its endless possibilities, achieves in making people’s lives better, thanks to its KEAST technology (Eco-Active Solid Technology). This new composition activates the photocatalysis when it comes into contact with direct light. Consequently, KRIONTM then becomes a mineral compact which is antibacterial, self-cleaning and it improves air quality as well, while removing chemicals from the environment.

These qualities result in being specifically beneficial for elderly people who reside in nursing homes or visit care centres, since the risk of getting infections is greatly reduced. As well as that, the aforementioned qualities also improve the air quality.   

KRIONTM K-LIFE’s versatility makes the material integration into a huge number of applications possible, from all types of furniture to wall tiles and ceiling coverings. The high-traffic spaces achieve a gradual germ decontamination with the material, which results in non-stop ecological advantages.   

Therefore, the Product Innovation Award jury has deemed that: “This product might have the possibility of creating safer and healthier environments whilst reducing the use of harsh chemicals. KRIONTM is making use of the latest technologies in new and useful ways, which is what defines innovation”.

This is a clear example that the investment in R&D by KRION takes health care to a whole new level, as far as house design for elderly people is concerned. Cutting-edge production for real life.