KRION® highlighted in the new 3deluxe book “Noor Island – Realms of Imagination”

KRION® highlighted in the new 3deluxe book “Noor Island – Realms of Imagination” - Solis Surface


Last June the book “Noor Island – Realms of Imagination” was presented, following previous monographic books on projects by the renowned studio 3deluxe. In this book we can see the transformation of a small island in a natural park, made up of a set of pavilions, buildings and objects (many created with KRION®), whose main objective is to contribute to the quality of urban life in the city of Sharjah, UAE.

Noor Island – Realms of Imagination” is different from what we consider a conventional architecture book, presenting the project in a more personal way, in less of a documentary style. In it, we can appreciate all phases of creation in which the solid surface from PORCELANOSA Group, KRION®, forms a part. Firstly, there is the difficulty of having a blank canvas, where creation can begin with KRION®; then the technical support for undertaking the work, the production phase, and assembly. Everything is masterfully combined in the book, published and designed by FRAME Publishers.

Dieter Brell, co-founder along with Peter Seipp, creative director of 3deluxe tells us about the book: “For this publication, we have designed and combined several approaches. The result is a vibrant book, a hybrid of architecture magazines and a skateboarding magazine. In it, our design, planning and production processes are shown, along with our tools for achieving the design, and how our love for detail is combined with experimenting with new materials.”

You can find the book at the following link: FRAME STORE / ”Noor Island – Realms of Imagination”.