Krion will showcase its most sustainable solutions in the next edition of Euroshop

Krion will showcase its most sustainable solutions in the next edition of Euroshop


From February 16-20, a new edition of Euroshop, the most important fair in the retail sector, will be held in Düsseldorf.

The irresponsible use of resources is causing imbalances in the environment. The prevailing current model based on producing, using and throwing away, has a big impact on our environment, thus in Krion, there is a commitment to using all the available means to contribute to changing this situation.

Since its inception, the company has shown its concern for the care of the environment and the commitment to promoting a circular economy. Proof of this can be seen in the continuous search for more sustainable raw materials, safer and more long-lasting materials, and manufacturing processes where recycled materials would be used.

Krion's commitment to Euroshop is showcasing sustainable solutions to design furniture and commercial equipment, sales accessories and signage, which meet the requirements of shopfitters who want to create showrooms which have a positive impact on the planet.

Given this perspective, the company has three key values for environmental care in all its strategic decisions.

Products with more resistance

Sustainability and quality are not incompatible. Krion banks on increasing the life of the products, making them more resistant and long lasting, due to the ease of material repair and the possibility of recycling them, or even reusing them.

Natural composition

The composition of all Krion materials is mostly of mineral origin, using only those which are in great abundance in order to avoid resource overexploitation.

Constant innovation

Krion continues innovating, not only in the materials of its products, but also in the production and manufacturing processes which fulfill its mission of respecting the environment throughout its activity. An example of this is EcocycleTM, a process by which leftover scraps are used in the production by KrionTM to give rise to new colours with recycled content.

In this way, Krion will showcase its most innovative and sustainable materials for the retail sector in the next edition of Exposhop, enhancing its high commitment to the environment.