Fitwall® the new mineral-based decorative panels from Krion

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Fitwall® decorative panels recreate textures and volumes with an ultra-realistic look and feel. Designed as vertical cladding for walls, furnishings and commercial or residential fixtures, they can also be used as horizontal cladding or installed on ceilings as non-functional decorative elements.

The material has been developed exclusively by Krion Porcelanosa Group, containing a high mineral composition bonded with resin, which in turn incorporates recycled PET.

SCS Global Service, a leading independent US environmental certification company, has verified that Fitwall® panels contain a minimum of 6% (PET), for the most part derived from recycled plastic waste, demonstrating the company's commitment to more sustainable and environmentally-friendly production.

decorative panel Fitwall

Fitwall® Concrete Series Arco White Sand

This exclusive composition gives Fitwall® excellent safety specifications in terms of fire resistance, impermeability and low volatile organic compound emissions, and the panels can be adapted to suit the space in which they are installed.

A huge variety of pigments, enamels and dyes are used to achieve natural finishes and designs on the various models, making Fitwall® decorative panels incredibly realistic.

panel decorativo Vainilla Sand

Fitwall® Shades Vainilla

This highly realistic finish is the result of skilfully combining cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship, and is precisely what makes Fitwall® panels unique. Each Fitwall® decorative panel design starts with a mould, made by hand using authentic materials such as ceramics, wood, textiles or cement, resulting in truly unique pieces. These distinctive, exclusive designs capture the finish of the original material, creating shapes, textures and colours with a realistic look and feel. Regardless of where they are installed, this craftsmanship is what gives Fitwall® panels such decorative appeal. The key to achieving this remarkable effect lies in the painstaking approach taken in the Krion prototype workshop. Each stage of the process has been designed to reproduce every little detail: machining, ageing, sandblasting, casting... a meticulous process key to achieving the perfect finish.

Each Fitwall® model is available in various finishes and shades, creating endless design possibilities and making them extra versatile and suitable for a range of uses.

They are incredibly realistic yet also lightweight, making them easy to install without any major building work.

panel decorativo para restaurantes

Fitwall® Rolling Series White Sand

Fitwall® is made for cladding interiors (walls and ceilings) as well as furnishings and fixtures, making it the ideal material for shops, hotels, restaurants, cafés, offices and residences, adding a personalised, distinctive and exclusive feel to any setting.

Fitwall® has been specially developed to be resistant and durable, and can be repaired in-situ in the event of any damage.

Thanks to the composition and manufacturing process, Fitwall® decorative panels are almost completely non-porous, making them virtually waterproof, and therefore easy to clean and maintain. Although Fitwall® requires minimal maintenance, regular care is recommended to prevent any build-up of dirt. Fitwall® decorative panels are usually installed in a vertical position, making it less likely that stains or dirt accumulate from day to day. It means a simple clean with a feather duster, cloth or vacuum should suffice.

panel decorativo efecto madera

Fitwall® Wood Series Doghe Roble Murano

At Krion PORCELANOSA Group we see sustainability as a rational system through which we can minimise our use of resources, opting for recycled materials and low-energy consumption, thereby offering the market long-lasting, safe and sustainable products. This is why work has gone into Fitwall® decorative panels being examined by third parties, who have verified how safe the products are, establishing their reputation as a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly and healthy material.

As such, Fitwall® has obtained BPA Free, Reach, Class A+ Label, HPD and SCS Recycled certifications, endorsing the safety and transparency of the decorative panels and giving consumers a material that not only inspires trust, but lends both design and personality to projects.

panel decorativo verde

Fitwall® WILLOW Velvet Green