KRION Shell™ SLOPE and LINE shower trays received the SCS Global Services certificate, thanks to the recycled content in its composition



The uncontrolled plastic consumption and waste that entails, is one of the greatest threats to the environment. That is why the separation between domestic and industrial waste is promoted to undergo a recycling process. In this context, one of the terms that is currently becoming more important in the industrial and commercial sphere is the circular economy. This productive and economic model is based on maximising the use of raw materials from recycled materials, thus reducing both resource consumption and waste generation.

Values such as sustainability and safety, as well as satisfying and supporting the trend towards sustainable development and the circular economy, are values that KRION makes every effort with to make its products more sustainable with a lower impact on the environment.

That's why, after developing KRION Shell™ (a new generation Engineered Mineral Composite), KRION wanted to go a step further and not only improve its exclusive formulation and functionality for its use in the bathroom furniture manufacturing, but also turn it into a more environmentally friendly product.

SCS Global Services, a leading company in the authentication of recycled content declarations worldwide, certifies that the trays  from the LINE and SLOPE series, put onto the market by KRION and manufactured with KRION Shell™, contain a minimum of 5% recycled material in its composition. This is possible due to the use of a high quality resin in its manufacturing which is made up of recycled PET plastic (from thrown away plastic bottles). These resins are a very high quality material, which provides benefits to the environment without ignoring their physical and mechanical properties.



Obtaining this certificate, in addition to helping KRION's safety, sustainability and environmental policy, provides a series of benefits that can be used in the market. It should be noted that these products, besides their high quality and exclusive design, are sustainable and environmentally friendly.