An interview with the StarQ studio: the creators of functional and sensory spaces


We interviewed StarQ, a Mexican design studio which works in architecture, interior design and brand environments and the contract service for bars and restaurants. The studio includes different disciplines to achieve spaces and functional experiences capable of transmitting sensations. The team is made up of architects, designers and creative people who combine knowledge, ideas and experiences to carry out top quality results.

We speak to StarQ after its Futura points of sale in Mexico project announcement, a space in which they used KrionTM K · Life 1100 to counteract the effects of NOX with our solid surface that contributes to the reduction of enviromental pollution, helping to improve the quality of people's lives while maintaining all the KrionTM features.

"Here at Krion, we have an authentic facilitator that allowed us to invest more time in the development of the space experience and creative design"

Getting to know you a little better: How would you define yourselves in 5 words?

Our commitment to achieving quality results is our greatest satisfaction. So, if we had to opt for 5 words to describe ourselves, they would be: Quality, professionalism, sensations, talent and discipline.

What inspires you when you start a project?

When we start a project, we try to get into the mindset of the people in that space, whether temporary or permanent. We investigate how they think, and what they are looking for. We ask ourselves how they see things, what the basis of their interaction is and, above all, we try to find out how to take them by surprise. From there, we look for creating an atmosphere which makes them feel amazed by their own existence.

Is this how you get to know KrionTM?

At StarQ, we have a close relationship with PORCELANOSA Grupo. For us, it is an allied company which goes hand in hand with us in the transmission of ideas and creative goals. The quality of the products and the support of a great company gives us confidence and good results. Hence, once we knew about the KrionTM properties, we decided to use it.

What features of KrionTM did you find most interesting for the FUTURA project?

When we thought about buses; noise sensations, pollution and nervousness came to mind. Our clear goal was to achieve silence, calmness and purity. How? By filling the bus stations with "trees". The natural analogy led us to the KrionTM K · Life and its contribution to the degradation of environmental pollution. To achieve a health and nature-like sensation, we designed a comprehensive user experience throughout the customer journey which would work more like a front desk, actively in a chaotic atmosphere. As well as that, it provides calmness; it also produces oxygen, which provides the environment with purity.

Once the design and creation phase of the project was over, what was the experience of working with Krion like?

A technical challenge which seemed complex at first soon became an easy and clear exercise since we had excellent professional advice every step of the way. We have an authentic facilitator which allowed more time to be spent on the development of the space experience and creative design, leaving us with an enthusiastic inertia to use KrionTM in all our different types of active projects. From Krion, we hope to carry out many other successful projects due to the union of professionals and a strict work methodology which allows excellent results to be achieved.