Coverlux ™ expands the possibilities of creation and design

Krion Coverlux Porcelanosa


Since KrionTM was created in 2010, an entrepreneurial spirit has led us to discovering, experimenting and exploring beyond the established limits. We are always questioning standards, listening to our clients and collaborators as well. That is why our exploratory spirit has led us to creating Coverlux™, a new material with which we expand the possibilities in aesthetic terms, similar to those offered by marble or natural stone because its decoration is full through-body.

Thanks to its durability, hygiene and easy maintenance features, it is ideal for: commercial furniture and hotel equipment, worktops, and indoor wall tiles. Material with a different composition to that of KrionTM, but it maintains the premises of functionality, safety and aesthetic from the company.

Inspired by the most noble and sophisticated materiales, Coverlux comes in the shape of a sheet and it is made up of two parts. A body with a mineral origin (ATH), polyester acrylate resins and pigments, and a coating which provides the material with gloss, greater protection and exceptional characteristics.

Krion Coverlux Porcelanosa

Material with great physical characteristics

Coverlux sheets are manufactured in a 2440mm x 1220mm size with a 10mm thickness, making both their transport and their installation easy. They do not require extra handling since they are delivered with the high gloss final coating, thus making work easier, preventing any time loss for the completion of the final finish. In addition, the thickness of the piece allows structural objects to be made, which are necessary for specific supports.

Its handling and cutting can be carried out with tools intended for carpentry, offering even greater advantages to professionals who deal with wood. Through the folding gluing technique, invaluable joints are achieved on edges and in corners which offer continuity to the design.

Coverlux™ benefits and advantages

1. Maximum hygiene

It is a bacteriostatic material on all its sides, since it does not allow the proliferation of microorganisms on any of its sides due to its zero porosity. In addition, its nanotechnological coating with an advanced composition has a bactericidal effect which removes bacteria from its surface.

2. Durability

Coverlux offers good strength to surface damage due to wear and tear or the passage of time, such as scrapes or scratches. Due to its composition, it does not present fragility against impacts, which can lead to cracks and chipping. It also performs excellently against moisture, preventing any bumps, delamination or scaling. It is highly resistant against common daily stains, even when exposed to stains for a long period of time.

3.  Functionality

It is material which comes with low maintenance costs due to its zero porosity and high gloss, making its cleaning easy and quick. The possible damages produced by scratches or scrapes on the Coverlux ™ surface, can be repaired using a simple process thanks to its nanotechnological coating.

A material with a decorative touch

The Coverlux composition makes it a type of material with many creative possibilities. Thanks to its full through-body composition, heterogeneous designs are achieved. Following an indicative pattern, they result in unique sheets. The surface of this material is a high gloss coating which gives the piece a vitrified visual effect. This glowing effect increases with the possibility of some designs being backlit.

The possibilities offered by the composition of the decor material in all its body, and its elegant gloss finish have allowed for a marble-like look collection to be created: Premium Stone. This first collection is inspired by the finest stone, reproducing the marble colours and replicating its characteristic veins. Available in four colour combinations, it covers all types of different tastes and needs.

The sheets can be seamlessly bonded to one another using the mitering technique, ensuring a continuous design and top coating. Coverlux™ can be cut with the same tools as wood, following the necessary recommendations. There is no crystalline silica in its formula.

  • Statuario Bianco

Inspired by one of the most beautiful types of marble, this piece of exceptional purity provides luminosity to the spaces. It is enriched by the grayish veins of its composition.

The Statuario Bianco model allows the bookmatching technique to be carried out. This consists of cutting the veined material into slabs to get contiguous surfaces which reflect each other, creating in the process an amazing and symmetrical image, similar to butterfly wings.

Krion Coverlux Porcelanosa

  • Onice Persa

Its sober composition, and the warmth of its tones generate cosy spaces which convey comfort and serenity, making it the ideal finish for relaxation areas such as halls and waiting rooms. The backlighting possibility allows the veins and the impressive internal details of the material to be seen so much better.

Krion Coverlux Porcelanosa

  • Oxide Melbourne

A composition designed to leave a mark on each look. The Oxide Melbourne application plays a key role in the interior design, giving spaces a bold touch with a unique and groundbreaking character. This model can also be backlit, allowing the contrast of the rusty dyed veins with the luxury of marble to be increased.

Krion Coverlux Porcelanosa

  • Black Marquina

Spanish-inspired, Black Marquina, is the perfect tone for creating elegant and timeless spaces. The depth of black is relaxing because of its subtle white veining, projecting personality into each atmosphere. Its timelessness allows it to be adapted to any atmosphere.

Krion Coverlux Porcelanosa