Guide for retailers: ideas for decorating a café

coffee shop decoration


The decoration of a café is one of the key aspects in attracting customers and creating a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. 

As a decoration professional working on commercial spaces, we know that finding creative materials that allow you to express all your ideas and create atmospheres in your spaces is one of the most important phases of your projects. To help you with the process, here are some ideas and styles to decorate a café with Krion PORCELANOSA Group materials. 

decorar cafeteria paredes

Materica Nut Matt + Capricce Nocce Matt | ALLUSLATE®

The importance of décor in a café

The decoration of a café should reflect its personality and the brand image of the business. It's not just about creating spaces, but evoking atmospheres that transport diners to a different place that helps create a distinct and memorable dining experience. 

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decorar cafeteria colores

Each space requires a different approach, but Krion PORCELANOSA Group materials are suited to all kinds of establishments: from a modern and sophisticated coffee shop to a rustic and cosy café.

4 décor ideas for very appetising cafés

There are many ways to decorate a café. Here we give you some general ideas about zones, furniture and accessories that you can use to give your project a personal style. 

  1. Decorating the café walls 

The walls are an important aspect of the décor in a café. It is part of the project to select hard-wearing, easy-to-clean materials and colours that match the brand image and style you want to convey. In addition, incorporating pieces of art and photographs to decorate the walls will help you create a cosier atmosphere. 

decorar cafeteria paredes


Applying textures is another way to add personality to the wall of your establishment, and adding decorative panels will help you turn your café into a unique place. 

  1. Decorating the café bar 

Select sturdy and versatile materials to decorate your café bar. Krion's Solid Surface is a great option because it allows you to create amazing effects such as a backlit bar or super creative shapes. 

decorar cafeteria barra


  1. Decorating the café seating area 

Paying attention to the decoration of the space where your customers will spend time is essential to make their experience unforgettable. Create a functional and aesthetically pleasing table plan that allows each group of people to enjoy themselves while maintaining their privacy. 

decorar cafeteria madera


You should also select comfortable and attractive furniture and incorporate decorative elements like cushions, plants or artwork.  

  1. Enhance the ambience with evocative sounds and scent marketing

Finally, remember that in addition to the visual decoration, you should also take care of other aspects. For example, music will enhance your customer's experience, so choosing the right style of music for your café will be crucial.

It is also a good idea to take the opportunity to scent the café with natural plants, flowers or personalised air fresheners. This will create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. 

decorar cafeteria estilo mediterraneo


If you follow these tips and also take into consideration the lighting and its temperature (we recommend warm), you can be sure that your customers will be eager to come back for more. 

Design sits at the table! Decorate a café with Krion materials

 There are many ways to use Krion materials in the décor of a café to bring your own style. Here are some ideas:

Decorating modern cafés

 For a café with a modern feel, use Alluslate® aluminium decorative panels on the walls and at the bar. Options like the Matericate model will help you to create a uniform and elegant ambience. In addition, its industrial décor and matt finish is perfect for a business of this type. 

decorar cafeteria moderna en gris


Decorating biophilic design cafés

 Biophilic design is a style that focuses on connecting with nature, and can be achieved in many ways. One such way is to use the Amazonic Green model from Alluslate® on one or more walls. This, combined with panels that imitate wood or natural stone, can give your coffee shop a timeless and biophilic look. 

 decorar cafeteria panel hojas moderno

Amazonic Green Matt | ALLUSLATE®

Decorating vintage cafés

 For a café with a vintage feel, Alluslate® aluminium decorative panels, in the Nostalgia Pink model, are an excellent way to create a cosy and homely ambience, with a pastel pink overlay that adds that touch of nostalgia that appeals to customers

decorar cafeteria vintage color rosa

Nostalgia Pink | ALLUSLATE®

Decorating rustic style cafés

 Looking for a way to give your café a rustic feel? Opt for simple and cosy options, but don't forget the textures. One way to achieve this is with Fitwall® decorative panels. 

The Matonnella collection is a favourite among decorators aiming for a rustic look. Inspired by terracotta, it offers a texture that will look luxurious combined with other wooden elements. 

decorar cafeteria exterior playa


 Its balance will allow you to create the welcoming and warm atmosphere that is so characteristic of the rustic style. 

decorar cafeteria blanca


The decoration of a café is a very important aspect for attracting customers and offering them a pleasant experience.

The different Krion collections have the quality, durability and technical qualities necessary to be the ideal choice in a catering environment. But they also have such a wide range of designs and textures that you will be able to give any café, from the most modern to the most rustic, the perfect style.