The backlit handrails of “FAN Mallorca Shopping” created with KRION

The backlit handrails of “FAN Mallorca Shopping” created with KRION Solid Surface


The applications of KRION, the solid surface from PORCELANOSA Group, are endless. Project after project amazes us with the ingenuity and capacity for creation of architecture and design studios, in this case Taller CYM having used our material for the handrails ofFAN Mallorca Shopping.

As they tell us themselves on their website, “FAN Mallorca Shopping is light, energy, emotion, adrenalin, relaxation, family and friends – it is Mallorca. FAN is composed of open, welcoming spaces where tradition and modernity are combined, imbued with a notable Mallorcan character. For the first time in Spain, thanks to the latest advances in technology, visitors feel like protagonists interacting with their surroundings, transforming their visit into a unique experience in one of the most innovative commercial spaces in Europe, the result of over 40 years of experience of the Carrefour Group, all just 5 minutes from the centre of Palma.

With headquarters in Mallorca, the company Marbres Illes was in charge of transforming KRION 4102 Extreme Light (a colour belonging to the Light series, whose main characteristic is backlighting, no matter its thickness), into its application as handrails in the shopping centre, which at night are illuminated, giving a lively and joyful character to FAN Mallorca Shopping.

Images: Gori Salva