Coloured shower enclosures: define the style of your bathroom

colourful shower enclosures


The bathroom is one of the most personal and functional spaces in any home or hotel. Shower enclosures not only play an essential role by separating spaces and preventing splashing, but have also become a key element in bathroom décor. Your choice of the colour of a shower enclosure can completely transform the appearance of a bathroom, adding style, depth and personality. 

Sustainability is now a vital aspect of shower enclosure manufacture, calling for new approaches to how bathrooms are designed and work. At Krion, we are pioneers in adopting environmentally-friendly practices, reflecting our commitment not only to the quality and beauty of our products, but also to minimising their environmental impact. 

Our shower enclosures, which incorporate sustainable glass, represent a new industry standard, making them the smart option. We have set a target for 2024 of ensuring that more than half of the glass used in our shower enclosures contains at least 20% of recycled material. This initiative not only reduces the use of natural resources and the emission of pollutants during manufacturing, but also promotes the circular economy by incorporating recycled pre-consumer and post-consumer materials.

Moreover, the frames of our shower enclosures will contain a minimum of 50% of recycled material, ensuring a life cycle that is more respectful of the planet. 

What colour shower enclosure to choose?

When choosing the colour of a shower enclosure, it is important to consider the general style of the bathroom, the lighting and the desired effect.

Light colours can expand the space visually, while dark tones add a touch of elegance and depth. 

Consistency with the colour of other bathroom elements, such as tiles, toilets and accessories, is essential to achieve a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing design.

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S+Line shower enclosure frame finishes: chrome, copper, black, gold, white and titanium

Black shower enclosures: TOP trend

Black shower enclosures are trending because they can add a modern sophisticated touch to any bathroom. This colour, associated with elegance and timelessness, can be used as a powerful contrast in light bathrooms or for continuity if the décor is darker. 

Black frames stand out for their versatility and ability to define the shower area, making it the focus of attention.

Shower enclosures with black frames: tips for care and protecting them against limescale

If you opt for shower enclosures with black frames, it is important to avoid the use of abrasive cleaners that could damage the finish.

For cleaning, use a soft cloth and non-corrosive cleaning solutions. You should also dry them carefully to prevent the accumulation of limescale and the appearance of stains.

White shower enclosures

Shower enclosures with white frames create a light, clean, spacious sensation. Being neutral, this colour is easy to combine with any style and colour palette in the bathroom. Shower enclosures with white frames are discreet and do not visually overload the setting.

For proper maintenance it is essential to prevent discolouration and the build-up of dirt. Clean regularly with mild products and then dry to keep the shine and prevent the enclosure becoming yellow over time.

Titanium shower enclosures

The titanium finish adds a cutting-edge modern touch to the bathroom. Metallic, subtle and elegant these enclosures blend with different decorative styles, from classic to ultra-contemporary. 

Their strength and durability make them ideal for a long-term investment. Titanium shower enclosures must be cleaned gently to preserve the finish. Avoid using abrasive sponges and choose neutral cleaning products to ensure they last well and always look good.

Gold shower enclosures

Gold shower enclosures add a touch of luxury and exclusivity to the bathroom. This colour, synonymous with opulence, can be combined perfectly with classic and modern design features, adding warmth to the room.

To maintain the shine and protect the gold finish, it is essential to use mild cleaning products and avoid abrasive sponges.

Copper shower enclosures

Java shower enclosure in copper finish

Copper is an ideal colour for those looking to create a warm, welcoming look in their bathroom. This finish, with its unique shine and its earthy colour, can create a rich, friendly atmosphere.

Regular cleaning with non-abrasive products and drying after your shower will help to preserve the colour and prevent corrosion.

Chrome and metal finish shower enclosures

Chrome shower enclosures offer a clean, polished and timeless look. This finish reflects light, contributing to a bright, spacious setting

To prevent water and limescale stains, the chrome surfaces should be cleaned after each use and the shower should be cleaned thoroughly once a week.

The latest trends in coloured shower enclosures and their frames

Current trends in shower enclosures lean towards customisation and innovation in colours and finishes, without forgoing safety and ease of maintenance. 

Models such as S+Line, Java 1 and Yove Black demonstrate the versatility of shower enclosures and their ability to adapt to different decorative styles, offering elegant, practical solutions for any bathroom.

S+Line shower enclosure in chrome finish

S+Line shower enclosure in copper finish

The S+Line and Java 1 shower enclosures are functional, durable and combine perfectly with contemporary design. With the new titanium, white, gold and copper finishes, which join our chrome and black models, bathrooms can be transformed into totally personal contemporary spaces.

Yove black shower enclosure

Mounted in an anodised aluminium frame, the YOVE shower enclosure creates a light, airy sensation with 6 mm tempered safety glass which has been given System Glass treatment, making it easy to clean and preventing the appearance of limescale or soap marks. In addition to the high gloss finish, all models now have black frames.

Before we finish:

Coloured shower enclosures offer a wide range of possibilities for transforming and customising the bathroom, combining practicality with design.

Choosing the right colour not only depends on your personal style, but also on the effect you want to create in the room.

With proper care and maintenance, these shower enclosures can remain beautiful and functional for years, making them key elements in your bathroom décor.

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