Krion® K•Life in a Medical Centre in Dusseldorf: the guarantee of an aseptic and bacteriostatic material


Because of its positioning in the market as the ideal material for Healthcare spaces, projects are banking on using Krion® K·Life 1100 more and more to ensure hygiene, health and air quality. Krion® has been relied on by the Slapa Oberholz Pszczulny architectural studio for its clinic project in Dusseldorf, which is a modern and minimalistic centre which covers some 2000m2. As well as that, it was once an old building which originates from the 1940s.

With Krion® K·Life 1100, Slapa Oberholz Pszczulny Architects has been able to get the space to provide calmness and cleanliness. The possibilities of the Krion® solid surface regarding design have allowed the material to be shaped into counters, furniture and support surfaces which, increase the possibilities for architects. Following this light and minimalistic aesthetic which stars Krion® and it star colour, namely: pure white; light colours and pastel tones havebeen opted for as the leading colours, as well as beech wood which has been chosen for each waiting room.

Why Krion® ?

The options that Krion®  open upregarding design, thanks to its malleability and its thermoforming features, make it the perfect material that goes hand in hand with the work done by both architects and interior designers. In relation to the projects like that in the Medical Centre in Dusseldorf, Krion®  meets all expectations through material which ensures hygiene and stops bacterial build up. Krion® K·Life 1100 achieves this perfect balance in the atmosphere for this outpatient clinic. The material is integrated into the reception desks, the worktops in the different consulting rooms and the worktops in the toilets with a built-in basin. Krion® also provides a feeling of comfortallowing for easy maintenance and cleaning in high-traffic areas.

Fabricator: Badmöbel Teworte

Pictures: Vollmer Fotografie