KRION K-LIFE covering in the Huuun design for Gasparina

KRION K-LIFE Solid Surface covering in the Huuun design for Gasparina


The creative team of Huuun has developed a minimalist design using the solid surface from PORCELANOSA Group, KRIONK-LIFE, for the Gasparina store on C/Alloza de Castellón (Spain).

K-LIFE is beginning to improve our quality of life in a multitude of projects being developed at a global level. In this case, Gasparina, which is the closest to our installations in Vila-real, and the Valencian studio Huuun®, specialised in the design of commercial spaces, have managed to make this project convey the essence of its owner, Eva del Rio, with its design, furniture and lighting creating a fully feminine atmosphere.

Gasparina has around 100m2 divided into two areas: a more open area at the entrance with casual fashion products, and a more intimate adjacent space where products are intended for more special occasions and events. Both atmospheres are combined thanks to the details and finishes in pink, gold and grey tones which give a chic appearance to the whole establishment, in which KRIONK-LIFE provides personality, with its pure white on the counter and the coverings of the units.

Construction:Construcciones Miguel Asín

KRIONK-LIFE transformed by the company: Fusteria Mira

Branding and communication: VerdeSobrenegro

Photographs: Pau Bellido -Hoyoyo Visual Lab