The 26th International Exhibition: design and practicality with KRION™ BATH



Among the latest innovative KRIONTM designs, we can find those with solutions for bathrooms with style. Products which focus on aesthetic without compromising the everyday functional use.  

The KRIONTM solid surface is perfect for bathrooms thanks to its zero porosity, jointless surface and easy cleaning which stops bacteria accumulating on its surface. Furthermore, the thermoforming (in curved sections) possibilities provides unique shapes for furniture, worktops and bathroom bowls.  

The Aro Air Series: beauty and freedom by Estudi{H}ac.  

The new Aro Air series has been created from the successful Aro series. Its most minimal version will be presented at the 26th International Exhibition to give solutions to projects where the bathroom exudes personality and freshness. The new series still keeps the symbolic ring with the: black, orange, green and blue colours; as well as Beige, which characterises Aro. Fineness with pure lines which gives off originality.  

New shower trays with KRIONTM Shell

The extra flat FLOW shower tray consists of a primary structural body, along with an advanced superficial layer. Its pure-lined design has been thought up to be resistant over time, offering greater safety to the user. The available textures are white and Silk.  

Slope is a shower tray which has been thought up so that water can flow naturally, thanks to the sloping surfaces which stop it from running to one side. The 90mm plug hole allows water to drain away easily.  

One of the other advantages concerning the Slope shower tray is the fact that the shower area is surrounded by a fine relief which makes it possible to install any type of shower screens, therefore avoiding water spills and splashes.  

Minimal elegance in black matt

Among the latest designs in shower screens, it is worth highlighting the finishes in black matt from the ATTICA and S+LINE shower screen series. Aesthetic sobriety which blends in with the original shapes of the bathroom accessories.