The National Krion Associate Fabricator Tour



The commercial team from Krion PORCELANOSA Grupo, together with the Affinity department (support and consultancy for professionals), have carried out several training courses throughout Spain to bring Krion's commercial network up to speed on the launch, planning and implementation of the Krion Associate Fabricator program.

The visits, aimed at the technicians and representatives from other delegations and at some of their partners from the Affinity program, have been very useful regarding the presenting of what Krion Associate Fabricator is all about, along with what the benefits are.


In general terms, professionals see Krion as the technical ally which accompanies and supports them during the project implementation. Valuable support which, helps them get the most out of the material and their businesses.

For Krion and its partners, Krion Associate Fabricator is a new professional approach which make synergies easier in the sector, as well as bringing professionals closer through efficient and problem-solving communication. An additional tool in the workings of the company which goes towards making the work done by the fabricators easier.