Coverlux™: the elegance of nature


For years, Krion has been a standout producer of solid surface materials with an array of technical benefits, taking a forward-looking approach to designs with unparalleled aesthetics.

Inspired by the current and modern, all the brand's materials are produced in line with Krion's environmental commitment, so the company is always looking for ways to achieve high quality products as sustainably as possible. 

Coverlux™, a composite with outstanding properties

COVERLUX™ comes in sheet format, with a mineral-based (ATH) body with acrylic polyester resins, and pigments used to decorate the full-body structure. The final coating adds further resistance as well as a high gloss finish.

Coverlux™ sheets come in a unique 2440 mm x 1220 mm format and are 10 mm thick, making them extra light for easy and practical transport and installation. Easy to manipulate, this material can be handled using standard joinery tools, and the high gloss coating means it does not require a final polish.


Huge creative and decorative potential

In terms of creativity and décor, Coverlux® sheets have no limits. Thanks to our mitering technique the joints are completely imperceptible, lending a sense of continuity and an improved aesthetic. Further benefits of Coverlux™ include the option to book match tiles and the translucent properties of certain designs, taking inspiration from natural stone. This cladding material couples well with a variety of styles, and designs can be made to suit all tastes.

And because it is durable, hygienic, and easy to maintain, it is just as well-suited to shops as it is to homes and hotels: the perfect choice for cladding interiors, furniture and other fixtures.

Because the decoration goes deeper than the surface and runs through the full body of the material, you can use it in a similar way to stone. The result? Unique designs on every sheet, adding to the exclusive feel. The surface coating gives it a high shine, with a glassy, vitrified look which lends style and personality to the material.

Coverlux™ comes with strict hygiene guaranteed. The bacteriostatic material is non-porous, meaning microorganisms are unable to proliferate on any side.

Coverlux™ comes with strict hygiene guaranteed. Because it is almost completely non-porous, microorganisms are unable to proliferate. It is also safe for people and the environment, complying with low emission standards for volatile organic compounds; and does not contain any harmful elements such as bisphenol A or other chemical elements restricted under the REACH list. The mineral composition is also free from dangerous crystalline silica.

Resistant, durable and functional

Coverlux™ stands firm against impacts that could cause cracks or fractures, and is resistant to light surface damage due to wear and tear or the passage of time. Coverlux® offers unparalleled functionality and makes everyday life simple: it is highly resistant against common everyday stains, easy to maintain and quick to clean.