ARO – KRION® Solid by estudi{H}ac


Within its Krion® Solid bathroom line, Krion PORCELANOSA Grupo features one of the brand's most characteristic series: the ARO series. Standing on the shoulders of estudi{H}ac, José Manuel Ferrero, the studio's creative director, designed and thought out every single tiny detail when producing this iconic collection.

As estudi{H}ac tells us, “The ARO space is conceived under the image of the collection. Its particular form of a semi-circle is taken as an element in the layout of the space. Thus, three well differentiated, though partially connected areas are created, where all the pieces of which it is composed are shown. To generate the volumes of walls and separations between atmospheres, trellises made of KRION® have been designed, inspired by the texture of Japanese bamboo canes, paying tribute to the point of inspiration for the collection: the culture of the Japanese Tea ceremony”.

ARO – KRION® Bath by estudi{H}ac

When José Manuel Ferrero presented the ARO project, he transmitted the origin of the creative process and the inspiration in the tea ceremony as the starting point to a series of designs that surprise for their aesthetics, and now he delights us with a collection that creates elegant and dissimilar atmospheres. The project's evolution enveloped the entire decorative ensemble and steered it towards the Japanese influence in the ARO concept; the serenity it transmits evoked an image that merges kimonos, tea and a millennial culture.

All this is perfectly reflected in this video.

The ARO series, an exotic experience for the bathroom

The ARO bathroom series comprises a wide range of products: solid surface washbasins, countertops, bathtubs and a range of accessories that lend the series an open nature, withseveral combinations and possibilities full of personality.

The round shapes and soft lines of this collection, designed by José Manuel Ferrero, fill us with a feeling of comfort and warmth that is ideal for a bathroom.

A unique, intimate space where the sense of peace and well-being becomes the cornerstone around which the entire design should revolve.

The freestanding ARO bathtub, with a round and inviting shape, is one of the collection's key elements. Its characteristic support tray, perfect for providing this piece with functionality, is the ideal place to lay the bathroom gels and towels while enjoying a relaxing bath.

The collection's washbasins, inspired by the porcelain bowls used for thousands of years in Japan to prepare tea, transport us to those ceremonies and invite us to relax, let go and enjoy peace of mind.

The washbasin is matched with the different ARO mirrors, a piece that provides the final touch to the bathroom's oval shape aesthetic. Featuring LED lighting, the ARO mirror is a functional, aesthetic and ideal piece to round off the aura of well-being surrounding this entire collection.

Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to mention that the ARO Series by KRION® SOLIDby estudi{H}ac was nominated for the EDIDA awards, organised by the ELLE Decor magazine, after becoming the most voted proposal of the “Bathroom Category” in its Spanish edition.