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Tribunal Supremo Lorient - Lorient - France

The Mûrisserie Parent+Rachdi architecture agency (Nantes), was responsible for the renovation of the High Court of the French coastal city of Lorient.

The spectacular room has the solid surface from PORCELANOSA Group, KRION®, transformed into units and the spectacular wall coverings.

Architect Sonia Rachdi explains the idea behind the project: “…it creates an impressive space, without it being cold, an atmosphere which imposes respect and combines a sense of justice, fairness, purity and clarity” 

KRION® was the material selected for this project due to its capacity for sound absorption, and its renowned antibacterial, easy cleaning and thermocurving properties.

Two transforming companies carried out the work of transforming the sheets of KRION® into to the different applications: Plassart created the wall and door coverings, while BA Agencement was in charge of creating the units of the room.

Images: Philippe Ruault


Universidad Técnica de Munich (TUM) - Munich - Aleman

KRION at the nerve centre of the Technical University of Munich (TUM): its library

It is difficult to explain the size of the library of one of the most important universities in Europe, the Technical University of Munich “Technische Universität München (TUM)”. In this case, the following figures are its best introduction: over 2 million printed and electronic articles, 400,000 book loans and over 10 million downloads of text, along with 1.83 million visitors each year make this library a vital support for students, scientists, researchers and teachers.

In one of the rooms of the library, we find the Solid Surface from PORCELANOSA Group, KRION, transformed into an access ramp for disabled people on each diametrically opposed side of the room, including L shaped benches incorporating power outlets, all created with KRION colour 0102 Clear Nature belonging to the NATURE series, containing a minimum of 20% recycled material. Completing the impressive design of the room is another bench made from KRION between both structures, giving the space a symmetrical layout, providing harmony and flexibility to this transitional area.

The project was designed and created by Staatlichen Bauamt München 2, one of the state construction companies whose work ranges from administrative buildings to the construction of laboratories, hospitals, research spaces, high schools, and university buildings with auditoriums, etc. TheKRION solid surface was transformed for the library by theSchreinerei Josef Lagler workshop.

Project: Universitätsbibliothek der Technischen Universität München

Planner: Staatlichen Bauamt München 2

Transformer: Schreinerei Josef Lagler

                    Schreinerei Josef Schneider

Images: Lope Matias


Ciudad Deportiva de la A.S. Roma - Roma - Italia

KRION® also in the Calcio league, in the Sports Complex of A.S. Roma

A.S. Roma (Associazione Sportiva Roma) was founded in 1927, a permanent participant since then in the top Italian football league, except in the 1950-51 season. Its triumphs include three A Series championships, nine Italian Cups and one Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, as well as reaching the finals of the European Cup and UEFA Cup, being one of the most historic teams in the Calcio league. All categories of this emblematic club, including the first team, train at the Trigoria Sports Centre, where PORCELANOSA Group has formed part of the renovation of different spaces such as the changing room and shower area, with KRION® as one of the materials selected.

The competitive spirit and values of the club are perfectly matched with the interests of KRION®: effort, dedication and care for details. The characteristic colours of A.S. Roma have also been perfectly combined with the KRION® 6401 Red Fire, 6301 Fruit and 6904 Bright colours.

We can find KRION® in coverings with vertical strips, with the colours of A.S. Roma and 1100 Snow White in the logos of the club, embedded with a watermark in the 6905 Bright colour. SYSTEMPOOL has participated with Arquitect and Land Stone shower trays and Yove shower screens. The countertops are also created with the Solid Surface from PORCELANOSA Group, KRION®.


The Emirates Hall – ONU – Ginebra - Suiza

The Adeli & de Rham studio entrusts C.C.M. and KRION® with its “The Emirates Hall – UN – Geneva” project

For KRION®, the Solid Surface from PORCELANOSA Group, all projects in which our material is present are important, but occasionally there are projects that we are especially proud to have been a part of. We would like to take this occasion to thank the architectsSlavash Adeli and Joakim de Rham, and the transforming company C.C.M. ITALY, for trusting in our material KRION® for the fittings of “The Emirates Hall” within building E of the United Nations (UN) in Geneva, Switzerland.

C.C.M. ITALY, with headquarters in Bergamo, is specialised in the design, manufacture and installations of interior products and systems for airports, metro/train stations and ferry terminals, an organisation oriented towards large projects, capable of managing a fully integrated package of interior fittings, finishes and accessories. Due to its varied background and its reputation established by a multitude of projects, it was selected by the prestigious architects Siavosh Adeli (Adeli Interior Architecture & Partners Ltd) and Joakim de Rham (Swiss Office Interior Design), for the construction of this project, one of its most emblematic.

The Emirates Hall was a gift from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the United Nations in Geneva, the largest UN building after the facilities in New York. The work began in July 2015 and was completed in May 2016, involving architectural, technological and design improvements in which KRION® has been used with our 1100 Snow White colour, transformed into fittings.

We can find KRION® on all conference tables, providing everything important in life with a clean visual appearance, elegant outline and timeless design. It is a work in which unnoticeable joins, thermocurving, the integration of screens and sound are unnoticed un the pursuit of simplicity and practicality, leaving the object and material behind to support the purpose of the room, the meeting of nations.

The Emirates Room (EX Room XVII)

United Nations Office at Geneva

Client: Permanent Mission of U.A.E. – Geneva

Architects: Siavash Adeli & Joakim de Rham


Quioscos de información turística - Madrid - España

Jose Manuel Sanz Aquitectos + Irene Brea create tourist information kiosks in Madrid with KRION®

Spain is one of the Top Five countries for global tourism, and its capital Madrid is one of the cities which receives the most visitors, making tourism one of the priorities of Madrid city council. For this reason it has strongly invested in quality and the dissemination of cultural values, deciding to create five urban tourist information kiosks in key locations. These are a must-visit for all those who wish to discover Madrid, and are found near the Museo del Prado museum, the Reina Sofía National Museum, in Paseo de la Castellana next to the Real Madrid Stadium (Santiago Bernabéu), in Plaza de Callao and in Paseo de Recoletos.

The task of creating these kiosks was assigned to Jose Manuel Sanz Arquitectos + Irene Brea, who with the solid surface from PORCELANOSA Group, KRION®, designed these eye-catching information points in the form of a clover, integrating them into the different spaces. In the words of the studio: “The aim of the design was to provide visual lightness and transparency so that the urban space could be viewed unobstructed and so that those working in the kiosk would have the sensation of working in an outdoor space in the middle of the city”.

The Jose Manuel Sanz architecture studio has created a prefabricated object which can be assembled and disassembled in just a few hours. We can find KRION® in the counters which form a 3 leaf clover, and transformed into units, which along with the visual lightness provided by tempered safety glass, and the covering which contributes with the advantage of sheltering visitors from the sun and rain, create a unique piece which is recognisable as an information point in the city.

KRION® transforming company: Candido Hermida

Photographer: José Javier Cullen

For more information: www.madrid-destino.com


FACSA. Fuente publica ósmosis inversa - Castellón - España

FACSA inaugurates a new reverse osmosis public fountain, created with KRION®         

The company belonging to the Grupo Gimeno group, FACSA , one of the Spanish private companies with the most experience in water services management, has inaugurated its 7th public fountain in the city of Castellón. In the case of the fountain installed in Calle Honori García García number 37, it has been fully created with the solid surface from PORCELANOSA Group, KRION®.

This fountain has a sufficient capacity to provide over 4,000 litres of water per day. The water it provides is treated through a reverse osmosis process, which is then remineralised to give it physical-chemical values similar to bottled mineral waters.

One of the most important properties of our material KRION®, which led to its selection by FACSA, is the additive-free antibacterial property. The non-proliferation of fungus and bacteria, the ease of cleaning graffiti, and the possibility of regeneration to restore it to its initial state make KRION® the ideal material for this kind of public installation.

KRION® transformed by: Robles Sistemas Expositivos 


Noor Island - 3deluxe - Sharjah - AEU

KRION® at the recently completed, award winning 3DELUXE project, Noor Island, Sharjah, UAE.

Today’s news is the start of a series of announcements related with 3DELUXE and Noor Island. In the following months we will examine this spectacular work, which has become one of the great projects carried out using the solid surface at a global level, and in which we are proud of having participated. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dieter Brell and Peter Seipp, co-founders of the 3DELUXE studio, and for their trust in our material KRION®, the PORCELANOSA SOLID SURFACE.

We would like to begin by congratulating 3DELUXE for the incredible result achieved, and the number of awards obtained in this short period of time: ICONIC AWARDS 2016  winner of the public prize in the architecture category, preselected for being Shortlisted in this year’s WAF Awards, selected for WAN Metal in Architecture Award, and with a special mention in the 8th PORCELANOSA Architecture and Interior Design Awards, among others.

As a starting point for presenting Noor Island, in the city of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, we have chosen “PLAZA“, a meeting point between the bridge and the beginning of this unique experience which perfectly combines nature and the best of humanity.

KRION® merges perfectly into this space, converted into different furniture items, such as a monumental curved, machined bench in a single piece without perceivable joins. The plant pots are very eye-catching, also made with KRION® Snow White 1100, with beautiful conical forms which charm with their great simplicity. Subtlety is converted into ingenious design in the curved bench created with KRION®, previously sublimated with coloured motifs, combining with he colourful, optimistic philosophy of Noor Island.


Centro Borgo - Bolonia - Italia

El Centro Borgo, es un proyecto de tal envergadura, que ha requerido un equipo a la altura de las expectativas, en este caso se han visto involucrados; IGD, y el estudio de arquitectos INRES, Paul Avellini como arquitecto y la inestimable ayuda de la ingeniería Area-17. El resultado es tangible en la ciudad Italiana de Bolonia.  A través del color como principal elemento arquitectónico, y la eliminación de líneas entre los espacios exteriores e interiores, convierten este centro en una obra particular y única.



Tunel Enschede - Holanda

Siempre es motivo de satisfacción formar parte de un proyecto que mejora una ciudad, y facilita la vida a las personas, y este lo ha hecho por partes iguales en Enschede, Países Bajos. A mediados de diciembre, se inauguró oficialmente el túnel que enlaza el garaje Van Heek con el hospital Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST). Este enlace subterráneo  es transitado por las personas enfermas y visitantes de MST, por lo que Atelier PROarquitectos del proyecto, tuvieron que tener muy presente la accesibilidad del mismo.

El Grupo PORCELANOSA, formó parte de este importante proyecto con el compacto mineral KRION® 1100 Snow White, que fue instalado por una de las 8 empresas  que componen el Grupo PORCELANOSA; Butech®, encargados de soluciones técnicas y expertos en la instalación del solid surface KRION®.

Podemos encontrar KRION® en los revestimientos en forma de “L” de los túneles. Estas piezas arquitectónicas a la par de escultóricas,  son retroiluminables  en zonas puntuales, dándole  al espacio un carisma alegre.

Fotógrafo: Hans Oude Luttikhuis


Edificio tecnológico Cajamar - Almería - España

Este espectacular proyecto realizado en la avenida de la innovación de Almería, fue galardonado con una mención especial en los VIII premios de PORCELANOSA. En esta construcción han formado parte varias de las empresas que componen el Grupo PORCELANOSA, y KRION® no podía ser menos, da forma al mostrador de recepción, el cual está fresada bajo relieve y retro iluminada, este conjunto de propiedades intrínsecas del material, le dan al hall un toque actual y renovador, que nuestro color 1100 Snow White ha sabido fundirse en el ambiente de sofisticación y funcionalidad que imprime el edificio tecnológico de Cajamar.


Estadio de Watford FC - Watford - UK

En el último año, el estadio Vicarage Road, con cabida para 20.000 personas, ha sufrido una remodelación de la que ha formado parte el Grupo PORCELANOSA. Butech con su sistema constructivo, Urbatek con su porcelánico técnico extrafino revistiendo el exterior del estadio, en este también encontramos  Ston-ker de Porcelanosa, que junto Venis están presentes en el  revestimiento y pavimento, equipamiento de baño de Noken, Gamadecor y como no, nuestro compacto mineral KRION®, en la sala de prensa, recepción y barra del bar de la zona VIP (esta última con el escudo del club bajo relieve retroiluminado).


Universidad Illinois – Chicago – USA

El centro Northeaster Illinois University, Chicago – USA, encargo la ampliación de su campus al estudio JGMA, conocidos por una visión contemporánea de la arquitectura.  En este proyecto nos muestra una futurista y divertida edificación, todos estos sinónimos se plasman en el panelado  asimétrico y bicolor que rodea el centro,  si nos dirigimos dirección Chicago lo veremos de color Amarillo, y si volvemos sobre nuestros pasos de un divertido color Azul, esta sorprendente, fresca e interactiva visión del estudio JGMAestá transformando el skyline de la ciudad de Chicago.


Institut d’Optique d’Aquitaine – Talence – Francia

El revestimiento de la fachada ventilada tiene una superficie aproximada de 5.500 metros cuadrados y está compuesto por paneles de KRION® ensamblados, de tal manera, que las juntas son imperceptibles.

El elemento diferencial de este edificio dedicado a la investigación es la espectacular celosía realizada con KRION®, instalada en uno de los laterales del edificio. Compuesta por una serie de paneles deKRION®, con orificios de diferentes longitudes realizados por CNC, la celosía ofrece un aspecto diferente y singular.

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