Learn more about signage design and its applications in different projects


The signage design is essential for many of the projects and buildings that are carried out. Users outside the company need to receive information from the business or building in a simple and clear way, either to find a place or for any other purpose.

Good corporate and creative signage has the function of acting as a guide for both internal staff and, above all, for external personnel to the company. That is why a well thought out design helps users better understand the information, but also conveys a much more careful and innovative image.

Depending on the project in which you want to incorporate the signage, the needs in terms of the type of design and place of placement of the signs will be different.

However, in all cases, it is vital to have a durable, easy to clean material and with the best quality. That is why many establishments choose to carry out their Krion Solid Surface signage.

The importance of signage in hospitals

Signage in a hospital is of great importance since it can provide a large amount of relevant information quickly and easily, helping the user to find a specific area or reach an area.

In addition, in a place as special as a hospital, it is necessary to have signs that express to the user the prohibition to enter certain places, the danger that he may run if he accesses others such as the X-ray rooms, or the restricted access of others places.

The design of signage in hotels

The design of signage in a hotel can help the user to immerse themselves much more in the accommodation experience. With the malleability of Krion and the ability of this material to adapt to any shape, hotels have an unparalleled ally.

Thanks to these properties, each signage of the establishment can be totally unique, generating the modernity and exclusivity necessary for accommodation.

Signage at airports

The signage at an airport is essential and its Krion design can offer a modern and exclusive vision, while fulfilling all its functions.

An airport is a space in which having the appropriate signs, both directional and guiding, is of great importance. The user who makes a stopover needs to quickly know where the place he is looking for is located, so good signage design is key to the success of an airport.

In addition, the exterior signage of the airport can also be essential, for which it is necessary that the chosen material be very resistant and capable of withstanding inclement weather. That is why Krion Solid Surface is an excellent choice.

Corporate signage in offices

The signage in the offices is of great importance in terms of the visual identity of the brand. The corporate part of the signage and the choice of a design adapted to the brand image can result in a better image for the company.

Furthermore, clarity and being able to communicate something at a glance helps potential clients or visitors to public or private offices to quickly understand what they need to do, where they need to go, or what the rules of conduct are in place.

The application of signage in restaurants and shopping areas

The help provided by signage in restaurants is essential for the proper functioning of the establishment. In addition to having the mandatory signs, such as directions for emergency exits, stairs, elevators or areas with video surveillance, signage can also be very useful in places such as bathrooms.

Differentiating the men's and women's toilets in an original way, indicating the appropriate use of wastebaskets or remembering to save water are just some of the applications of signage in restaurant bathrooms.

Whatever the project, it is indisputable that Solid Surface by Krion is the ideal option to have signage with an original, modern design and, above all, of unbeatable quality and resistance.

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